Young Mother Sewing (Reaction About Painting) Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:41
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Mary Cast Mother is not just a woman who gives birth to a child. It is a guardian angel to the whole family. She is the most important person in our life. Every mother should be loved and respected. Every mother is supposed to educate a child with good values, make a family circle and take care of all members of the family. Thus mother plays essential role in our life. There is nothing tender as the love of a mother for her chill It is a natural instinct to love, nurture and protects her offspring. Our mother always provides the emotional support that her child deeds.
She is always there, when her child may need a kiss on an injury, or simply an extra hug as they get off the bus. When we did mistakes or any hurtful things, yet our mother still forgives LIST. Our mother didn’t want her child to be hurt or even have mosquito bite. Mary Cast painted a Young Mother Sewing on a rectangular canvas. She used oil paint. In the foreground, the young child in the painting was wearing a White and sky blue dress. Grey was used to highlight her dress in the light. She had brown eyes, brown hair and chubby red cheeks. The child was leaning on her other’s lap looking at the viewer.
The mother was wearing a white and black zebra stripped dress. She is sitting in a white chair while sewing a dress. The dress is green, aqua blue and yellow. I think the yellow was used as highlight on the dress. She has brown hair, brown eyes and a lonely look on her face, think she has lonely look on her face because she is already exhausted in the whole day activities. In the middle ground there is a rectangular wooden desk that has a pinkish peach color. On top of the desk there is a blue and sky blue vase. Inside he vase there are orange flowers with green leaves.
In the background there is a forest. Cast uses green, brown and blue in the background. The blue shows that it is night time. The green highlights the trees, There are two white strokes that represent the wind. For me this painting is beautiful that’s why I chose this painting for my reaction paper. I love this painting because really love my aunt. Why my aunt? Because I considered my aunt as my mother because she is the one who became mother to me. I grew up with her for 22 years. I think Mary Cast also loves her other that’s Why she painted this one.
This painting touched my heart. Think the artist vans to show to their viewers how much we loved by our mother, how much they cared for, valued us and exert an effort or sacrifice everything just for us. Even though there is a lot of thing they need to do like the household chores they still there to care about LIST and priorities us. She is always there to support us even in sorrow or pleasure of our lives. I think this painting focuses the viewer’s attention on the mother and child relationship Young Mother Sewing (Reaction About Painting)

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