Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Music Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:07
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The Classical period of music was from 1750-1825. Mozart played a huge role as a great composer in this time. He took on new challenges and different possibilities for music in this era. Classicism of music did not mean that it was strictly traditional. A lot of composers, including Mozart experimented with different materials. He also used a lot of romantic elements in his music. The classical style is based off symmetry of four-bar phrases and usually moves by small steps and has a narrow range.
There are four movements of the Classical-Romantic era. The first movement s long, dramatic and written in sonata-allegro form. The second movement is slow, lyrical and is in a modified sonata-allegro form. The third movement is danceable, moderately slow and is variably a minuet and trio. The last movement, the fourth, is lively, spirited and is a spirited rondo form. The movie gave a great aspect of Amadeus Mozart life. He was a very gifted child who composed music before the age of five.
Mozart life was very different from most because he grew up composing and playing music for people including royalty. He never had a revised piece of music. Whenever Mozart chose to write on a sheet of sic, that was the final product. Most people couldn’t grasp the concept that he could hear it in his head and then compose a wonderful work of music, without a single revision. People admired him deeply. Other composers wanted to be him or like him. He was always asked to compose a new piece and/or teach their daughters about music and how to play the piano.
Mozart ended up establishing himself in Vienna as a struggling freelance musician. He then reached a peak in his career. Some of Mozart most famous pieces are, The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni and Coos an tutee. These were all produced in the late sass’s. Society was absolutely astounded by his work. Mozart admired his father Leopold Mozart. He wanted his father to be proud of him. His father is the one that taught him how to compose music. He stood by his side through the years of growing up and into his twenties.
When Mozart was twenty- six, he married Constance Weber. His father was outraged. They had a distant relationship from then on. Later his father died, and Mozart went into a dark phase. He was composing darker pieces, which was known to be because of the death of his father. The movie, “Amadeus,” takes a very interesting look at Mozart life. He started out ere prosperous and eager to compose music and then after the death of his father, it was like he couldn’t do it anymore and it was making him sick. It almost seemed that that was what killed him.
Also, I noticed he was able to relate to society through his music. People from all over would come to hear his music, but when it came to interacting with people aside from the music, he was a bit odd. I feel that since he grew up mainly composing and playing music that he didn’t know how to function in society without that. He needed it. Mozart is still to this day one of the most famous and historical composers of all Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Music By slipknot birthday. He rebelled against society and wrote music the way he wanted to.
He was brilliant. One of my favorite pieces of his is Nine Klein Machinists (A little Night Music). My favorite aspects of this piece are the sound of the string quartet and how it starts out allegro and goes to andante and then back to allegro. It captures you from beginning to end because of the distinct cheerful sound of the piece. It Just makes me want to get up and dance. After studying Amadeus Mozart I now have a liking to the Classical era. I will definitely be enjoying more of his music in the near future.

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