To Pray, or not to pray? Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:17
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Erika StrussIntroduction to education1:00 Tuesday, ThursdayA very controversial issue faced in schools today is the subject of prayer in the classroom, and rightfully so it is an issue that should be discussed.
In America there are hundreds, if not thousands of different religions and beliefs among people. Unlike thirty years ago, Christianity is not the only one that is recognized in this country. In the Internet article I choose it tells of three specific incidences that have occurred recently in schools. The first tells of a picture of Jesus Christ that had hung on the wall of a public school for nearly thirty years, and then because of a student lawsuit it was removed. The second tells of a school that opened their football games with a prayer, and recently replaced it with a moment of silence.
And the third tells about a school who has a moment of silence after the pledge of allegiance, and the community is angered because this is supposedly just another form of prayer. My personal belief is that prayer should not be aloud in our nation schools. I myself am a practicing Christian, and choose to pray on my own before tests, and at other times, but I strongly feel that people with other beliefs should not be subjected to my, or even the majority of the classs beliefs. In America, it is a right of the people to choose their belief, or lack there of, and we should learn to respect and honor that. I personally agree with the first two statements. The picture of Jesus should not be aloud because Jesus Christ is mainly a Christian icon.
I also believe that a moment of silent meditation is much more appropriate than a prayer, Therefore I think the people fighting against it are in the wrong. Everyone in America, or in the world for that matter, in my opinion, has the right to an education, and an atmosphere suited to his or her needs. If we disrespect the growing diversity in our schools, just to maintain a tradition, than we are not supplying what the constitution demands. Public schools should do their utmost to give every student an equal learning opportunity, and by forcing prayer and Christianity down their throats, America is not achieving its goals.
As you can see my feelings are strong, but they are clearly stated. I believe there should not be prayer in public schools. I recently found out about groups in schools who are focused around prayer, and a specific religion. I strongly encourage those students that have a need to pray during school, should join these groups. Otherwise they should practice on their own.

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