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Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:35
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Frankenstein’s rejection drove the creature to leave and explore the world and the start of his revenge towards Frankenstein. Frankenstein tries very hard to make friends and fit into society but is unwanted in every corner. After this the creature is not happy, “I am malicious because I am miserable”. This is a short quote but shows how upset he is, the alliteration with the three words beginning with “M” make the sentence more important. The structure of this is carefully thought because it is effective because of connecting the creature’s feelings (malicious) and his actions (miserable). When Frankenstein’s creation kills Frankenstein’s younger brother, everybody is distraught. Even more disturbing is that when Frankenstein plants the evidence onto Justine Moritz, the family servant, friend, everybody is even more horrified.
The reason for this is because the creature feels that all the rejection he has had he can not take it, so the evidence is planted on to the young beautiful girl. Frankenstein feels that Justine is part of the problem, because she is pretty, he could never be like that or have anybody who would look as nice as her. Even though in the novel, Frankenstein’s creation is known as ‘the monster’, but at first he is not at all like that, he made out to be a creature or a being. He has full, sensitive feelings and emotions. As a reader, you are made to feel sorry for his loneliness and admiration for his intelligence. The creature tries very hard to fit into society and fails deeply and this fuels him turn nasty and commiting his crimes. The killings and crimes he committed he did not exactly want to do or may not like doing but he felt as if he needed to.
He felt a and all he wanted to do was live and feel normal but deep down knew he could not be. Even though the creature knew he could never be accepted he still tried to fit in “I am an outcast in the world forever”. Frankenstein’s creation killed, killed Frankenstein’s closest in fact, you cannot help feeling sorry for him as it wasn’t really his fault, all he wanted to do was be part in the world and live normally. The creature feels punished for something he has not done “was man… powerful, so virtuous and magnificent, yet so vicious and base”. He thinks, even that man or even god can be so great and powerful, they can also be evil and wicked. The dramatic thing is with the creature, it was never given a name, it was always known as the ‘creature’ or ‘monster’, this shows another reason how it was left out, it did not have a identity.
Shelly has very carefully thought about the structure of the novel, she has sectioned it so there are three narratives meaning three points of view. The first part is when Frankenstein is narrating his points, and the start of his science obsession. The second is the creature’s story and how Frankenstein abandoned him. The third is Frankenstein and the creature’s struggle to agreements and the creature’s violent streak. This way of structuring the novel is important and effective, instead of just one narrative and explains all the situations, this way, the character that is involved, is telling
its own story. The end of the novel starts again with another series of letters; this is where we find Frankenstein at the end struggling to defeat the creature. This ending to this novel is ironic because Frankenstein is healed by nature when his actual crime is against nature. My opinion on who is the most monstrous out of the two characters, Victor Frankenstein and Its Creation. I have shown in this essay that both did horrid things, unforgettable things and that’s why making a choice is difficult for the readers of the “Frankenstein”.
My decision is still unmade and probably will be as Frankenstein created the monster which was horrible and then ignored it and rejected it. The creature was born and did no harm at first, but the many rejections drove it to kill. You could say Frankenstein is mostly to blame as he created the monster and the monster got driven to kill, but then again you can say, did the monster really ‘have’ to kill?

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