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Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:09
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The Sound of Music film and its musical compositions are iconic and thus a necessity to watch for all those who have not been touched by this uplifting musical. The music is originally by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Oscar Hammerings II and the numbers are sung by Julie Andrews and the rest of The Sound of Music cast. Instrumental underscore passages were adapted by Irwin Costal. Edelweiss”, thought by some to be a traditional Austrian song or even the Austrian national anthem was written expressly for the musical by Rodgers ND Hammerings. Originally unknown in Austria, it has been promoted heavily there ever since, especially in Salisbury. The songs “How Can Love Survive? “, “An Ordinary Couple”, and “No Way to Stop It” were not used in the film version. The omission of those songs had to be approved through Richard Rodgers.
There were four extra children singing with the ones onscreen to add more effect to their voices, including Darleen Carr, Chairman Car’s younger sister. However, these were unaccredited. Darleen Carr sang Curt’s high voice, during the reprise and “sad” versions of the title Eng, as well as the high “Bye” in the song “So Long, Farewell”, and later for Greet in its reprise towards the end of the film. 2.
Make-up, coiffure, and costumes – In the make-up department, there is Margaret Donovan and Ray Forman as the hairstylists; Ben Nee and Willard Blue as the make-up artists. The costumes were designed by Dorothy Jenkins. The make-up department and the costume designer really changed the cast to their characters. 3. Acting and the stars – Director Robert Wise and his casting consultants were widely recognized as having done a superb Job in assembling a cast that included so many unknown, but very talented names.
After an extensive search and more than two hundred auditions, the children were chosen, not Just for their acting and singing skills, but also for their personality and ‘presence’. Many of The Sound of Music actors and actresses formed a strong bond with each other, a camaraderie that still lasts today. Julie Andrews was Hollywood most promising up-and-coming musical star when she was chosen to play

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