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Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:07
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When people speak, their language is Just like lyrics; they speak in a certain tone, which adds emotion to the words. Music is a universal language; it can inspire anyone. It seems like people all around the world are united under one common language, music. Some of the greatness of music, however, lies in its holistic nature: that all the elements form a unique wholeness which may not be understood by studying the parts separately. However, complex music is readily appreciated by the mind without the need of formal knowledge.
It is amazing that everyone can feel USIA in the same way; the beat, the melody, and the rhythm can actually bridge the gap between different cultures. Literally, music is everywhere and people are living amid its melody. Additionally, music has the power to touch emotional beings and evoke feelings that can not be described in words. A lot of people listen to their I-pods and spontaneously move their fingers, following the beat of the music. It is scientifically proven that music affects brain function. Also, music has the power to take listeners away from the real world.
It sometimes soaks people into nostalgia and creates an esthetics and melodious ambiance. Imagine a Jazz bar without music. It would be awkward; the romance would dissipate and the thrill would die. Music literally creates ambiance; an environment where people can indulge in memories. It invokes mental imagery and inner scenery that opens people’s minds to amazing insight and spans the distance between the stars. Music has dazzled generations, and is known for bringing a sense of unity and peace to the human soul. Amid the contemptuous anger of the soldiers in Vietnam, there was music to be heard. What music? I am interested in knowing more? ) From he battle-cries of the ancients, drums echoed, to the plantations where the oppressed toiled against the injustices of man, singing rang over the fields. The essence of music cannot be summed up with one single phrase because it tells the story of humanity. What must be understood is that music cannot be taken only as kind of sound, but a note that explains the passions of man. Music remains cultured, and culture adheres to music The study of music is an important aspect of the study of history.
Through the lyrics of a song, one can hear the disparities between the people and the world around. It can be a cry to relive the tension of everyday life, or it could be a business that governs the life itself. In any case, the story of music is inextricably bound with The Power of Music – Essay By cubbyhole shaped cultures. Music brings us back to the times where love prevailed, or when sadness tarnished the heart. We must remind ourselves of the struggles and the toils that we as humans have faced and through music we are able to do so.
From the thrill of a note, to the rustling of leaves, to the passion that lies deep within the soul music can only be the true medicine. Trends, fashions, cultures, politics and inhumanity have progressed and formed through music. Music is the Rosetta stone of human emotion. Furthermore, music has stood the tests of time. Throughout civilization, music has been a stepping-stone to which empires are built. In ancient Mesopotamia, records show that Sumerian music notation existed back in the forth millennium. Having been influenced by the changes in social conditions, new genres have been created and new trends have been settled.
It is a fact that music is here to stay whether for better or for worst. Music has changed things. It has brought essential influences on politics, culture and society. Even in Greek mythology, there was Orpheus, who with his music and singing, could charm birds, fishes and wild beasts, coax the trees and rocks into dance, and even divert the course of rivers. Even in Hades his song and lyre did not lose their power. Like this, music has always been regarded powerful and stood the tests of time. Beyond inspiring, music can save people’s lives.
In 1984, a charity band was formed by an Irish musician, Bob Gelded. A BBC report that aired, highlighting the famine in Ethiopia, motivated Bob. This musician’s firm mind to help those victims of this famine and his decisive decision led to the formation of his British Irish band, Band-Aid. The name of this band has a double meaning. At one level it means a band of musicians gathering together to provide aid, but at another level, it is also an acknowledgement of the fact that such a gesture is like putting a sticking plaster on a wound.
Applying music as a vehicle to spread his message, Bob Gelded created a new sensation. The album “Do they know it’s Christmas” went straight to number one on the I-J singles chart. It was produced by the most popular performers of the time including 132, Duran Duran, Heaven 17, Spandex Ballet, Bananas, etc. The fame of these reformers broken down social boundaries and further enhanced the power of music. It awoke the people, reminding them that while they were having a good time, enjoying Christmas, there were people around the world suffering from hunger.
It inspired people and “aroused” a revolution. During this time of helping and sharing, Christmas time, people were greatly motivated by this song and participated in donations to help people around the world. Listeners could sense an urgency in the lyrics of the song; “At Characteristic, we let in light and we banish shade. And in our world of plenty we can spread a smile of Joy. The word “we” seems to unite people as one. It narrows the distance between the singer and the listener; it penetrates the brain, motivating the listener.
In addition, by comparing the lives of listeners and lives of hungry people in Africa, the lyrics help people visualize the serious condition Africa is in. The lyrics remind people of luxuries they have been enjoying and make people appreciate their lives. What awful and painful situations people on the other side of world were in; although we have heard these kinds of stories often, we tend to ignore them. People they are in a certain melody, become much stronger. People hum melodies bounteously after listening to music. They lyrics are naturally memorized in listeners’ brains. Feed the world,” it is easier for people to understand the message through music. The things that extensive news coverage and speeches given by powerful leaders could not accomplish were done by these influential musicians. The influence of music was unstoppable. The British Band Aid project inspired musicians all around the world; including USA for Africa (in the United States), Herrmann (in Latin America), Band fur Africa (in Germany), Chanters Sans Frontiers (in France), Northern Lights (in Canada), Fortune Arrester (in Norway), , Here ‘n Aid international heavy metal artists), and many others.
World-wide, people started to pay attention to the afflictions suffered by other members of the world community. The artists (regardless of their nationalities or genres), held their hands together as “earth people” in order to start this meaningful production of charity albums. This enormous influence brought about by music started a new sensation across the world. Music united people as one against people’s common enemies: hunger, poverty and disease. This even shows how music can actually touch millions of people’s hearts and bring a huge impact to the society.
Thanks to advanced technology, the invention of radio further strengthened the power of music. When signals had enough power to go great distances, it became much easier for music to spread. Radio shortened the cultural gap between people and the “geographical distance” between countries. Different melodies cause different types of feelings. Even if the listener is not a musician, even if the listener does not comprehend the lyrics, he or she can easily understand the message a song conveys. It is a mystic truth, which everyone experiences. It can only be felt, but not proven. The power of music is incredible and amazing.

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