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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:55
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Have you ever read the book “The Outsiders?” One of the main characters is Ponyboy Curtis. He has many good virtues. First of all, he has a good friendship with his friends. Secondly, he has courage. Finally, Ponyboy is very honest. Those virtues make Ponyboy who he is. First of all, Ponyboy is a great friend. He supports them and they support him no matter what happens. For example, when Johnny killed Bob, Pony stood by him even though he had done something bad. Ponyboy is a very loving friend who sticks up to his friends no matter what they do or what happens to them.
Next, he has courage. He isn”t afraid to do things that he wants to do. Sometimes courage can be a bad thing, but Ponyboy has good courage. For example, he stood up to the Socs with a broken bottle to defend his friends. That is true courage and he is very brave for doing that for his friends. Without the courage, Ponyboy wouldn”t be the person everyone loves. Lastly, Ponyboy is very honest. Honesty is important to him. Lying doesn”t solve anything. Though Ponyboy and everyone else make a little lie one time in their life, that doesn”t make him or anyone else. If he always made lies, he wouldn”t be too good of a person.
In conclusion, Ponyboy has many good qualities. He has a good friendship with his friends. He also shows brave courage for himself and friends. Finally he is mostly all the time an honest person. Those good virtues and a lot more virtues, make Ponyboy a good and loyal person you can trust.

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