The mob stood before the gates that could lead them to inner chambers Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:01
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The mob stood before the gates that could lead them to inner chambers. They stood there, unsure what to do. No one could have predicted such a success in the matter of weeks. When the revolution had started, there were only a couple of them while the major part of population preferred not to risk, but now they were where they wanted to be – the Palace, the heart of empire. Although thousands of them have ruthlessly died in the beginning without a single doubt about their aim, the crucial point in the whole affair was now when no one could say what will happen next. The choice was either to stand till the end or to flee following the dump cry that was in everyone`s head.
Suddenly a crow appeared on the scene. She descended right in the middle of the gates watching thousands and thousands of people standing in front of her feet. And the people watched her back but for them it wasn`t a crow but the messenger of God.
In solemn bow they fall on the ground. The crow, uneasy after such a drastic change, was about to fly away when she suddenly noticed a glint of something silver in the crowd. Avid for the shining metal, she jumped into the air and flew towards her aim. When there was a couple of meters left the man, who was wearing the silver chain around his head, decided to see what was the messenger doing. The distance was too short to make a maneuver and the crow let her talons out and used the man`s forehead to push herself away from him.
The man stood perplexed for only a second and then he decided to seize the opportunity. He rose up and shouted so loud that every single man could hear his voice. “I was blessed by God! I will lead you by his will!» he shouted waiting for the reaction.
At first there was a grave silence but then the people broke out into cheerful cries and laughing. The morale was revived and they were ready to stand till the end. Orders followed and soon the siege equipment was build from the wood of the nearby forest, weapons distributed and people organised. Some men brought an ancient throne made of wood which they had found somewhere and the new made saint continued to issue orders from there.
The crow was sitting in it`s nest. The day was unexpectedly loudly, in her opinion. She had almost fled from the forest when the men broke out into “Forward on the Palace”. In few hours after this all the people finally became quite and she was about to sleep but the silent whispers “The Emperor is dead” prevented it. Finally, she decided to go and find a dinner as the men wouldn`t let her sleep anyway. She didn`t care that the ruler of over a half of the World was dead, nor that the life would change so obviously that even animals would be affected. The only thing she cared about was her dinner.

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