The Great Gatsby – Jay Gatsby Character Analysis Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:52
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Jay Gatsby was a very decent person despite most of his acquaintances and his occupation. Gatsby was relatively kind to everyone despite how anyone treated him. He was also a very altruistic person in what he did for people. Gatsby also was very determined to accomplish his dream. All Jay wanted was for the people around him to like and befriend him. Gatsby showed a certain amount of kindness to almost everyone he met.
The way he hosted his parties showed this trait very well. His parties where open to anyone who wanted to attend no matter what his/her social class was. Gatsby’s amiability was shown by the way that he befriended Nick and tried to make friends with other people without caring about their background. No matter how he was treated he did his best to be kind to almost everyone.
Gatsby’s parties showed how he would go out of his way in order to make others happy. Jay would throw extravagant parties just to have people come and enjoy themselves. He would also do his best to make Nick feel welcome in whatever setting they were in. Gatsby was living in New York in order to procure his dream. Jay has wanted to rekindle his relationship with Daisy so he moved close to her and did what ever he had to just to be alone with her. Gatsby spent a good portion of his life pursuing what he considered the ideal life, which consisted of Daisy, money, and happiness.
Jay Gatsby was one of the best all around people in the novel. Even though he was a bootlegger and all his money was illegally made he still had more personality and class than any other socialite did in the book. Gatsby wanted people happy, and if they were happy he was happy.

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