The Effects Of Concussion On Children ‘s National Health System Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:40
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Concussion on children At some point you fall in your life. Whether that is from a simple trip or playing ball on the court. After you fall you never really think of how much damage you just caused or how much worse it could have been. Most of these events are caused by accidents and those accidents can cause concussions. No one wants to have a concussion on purpose.
Who really wants their head to feel like it is going to explode? So how can someone prevent this type of accident? They are not planned actions. Throughout the research it was determined that many people believe concussions can not be prevented, but there are some who are trying their best to lower the chances. The soccer federation has banned heading the ball for ages 10 and younger, since younger kids are more likely to have brain damage from receiving even the slightest concussion. (“Concussion FAQs – Children ‘s National Health System.” Concussion FAQs – Children ‘s National Health System. N.
p., n.d. Web.)What is a concussion? A concussion is a complex pathophysiological process that affects the brain. It can be caused from getting hit in the head hard, or to getting an indirect hit to the body causing neurological impairments that resolve spontaneously.
A concussion can put anyone at high risk of brain damage and even disability. Medical providers describe concussions as a “mild” brain injury. (“Suspect a Concussion? What You Need to Know – Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic.” Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic. N.p.
, 24 Aug. 2012.)There are several types of symptoms that you may experience when having a concussion. Some symptoms that may be observed are not remembering events that occurred before or after the hit or fall, dazed or stunned and mov. .rect headgear will help reduce the chance of a concussion happening, but it will not fully protect you from a concussion.
(“No More Heading: US Soccer out with New Guidelines for Youth Soccer.” N.p., n.
d.) Concussions can not be fully prevented, but there are ways to lower the chances. It has been proven that there is nothing on the market to prevent concussions. It is very important for you to watch out for signs or symptoms of your child after their head has been hit really hard. Keep your child out of any physical activities till they are completely healed and make sure your child has plenty of rest and plenty nutrients. You are much more likely to receive another concussion if you have had one in the past.
Concussions are very serious injuries that could become even more serious if kids do not get the rest that is needed to heal the brain completely.

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