The Dead Poet Society Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:36
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The Dead Poet Society explains that we may not appreciate poetry by reading a book. Poetry has a lot of meaning that can be change by our experiences. Poetry Is Like our life, living to pursue our dreams and that’s poetry all about-our life that needs love, beauty and romance. Life doesn’t stop for anything or anybody, like poetry, open for expression. It allows the realizations of our ability. Verbalize what we think, what we know and what we feel.
Poetry Is alive, not merely a text or concept of mind but comparable as experiences that make us complete. Complete that we see who we are and not Just who we should be or who we are told to be. In the movie, Mr.. Keating encouraged students to see things In a different perspective, tries to help the students rediscover their Imaginations and love for reading, he wanted them to dare to have their own life perception. The boys were taught to think freely for themselves.
To live life seeing what is pure, good and true, knowing that it is cut there yet within what they think. He helped the students to realize that they will be who they are by exploring life. The movie made me realized that being a teacher he carries power in some ways and it might be tempting to share it over to others. It is actually a tremendous responsibility on the part of the teacher, because this position has the potential to improve or ruin someone’s life. Students takes the comments seriously and personally.
If a teacher makes a remark, he student remembers it for the rest of their life, sometimes. It is a responsibility, and requires careful steps, without abusing the trust. I enjoyed The Dead Poet’s Society. The development of the various cliches in the school, the expression of kept identity, and the creative reconstruction of life are the main themes of the movie that marked with me. Even though the exciting and dramatic ending took away from the immersion into the story, it remained a powerful way to conclude the drama of the story.

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