The Dangers of Bombs Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:00
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Today more and more kids believe that bombs are fun to experiment with, but do not realize the dangers associated with even the simplest bombs. Although curiosity can be a great characteristic to have, curiosity when it comes to bombs should simply not be tolerated because all bombs produce an uncontrolled reaction leading to destruction that could harm to, or even kill someone.
Even bombs in a controlled experiment by experts can be quite dangerous. Take into account the fact that many died during experiments with the atom bomb. Although the experts said it would be fine to watch and be in a close vicinity to the blast, they didnt know about the radiation caused by the reaction. This caused numerous deaths.
Although most kids wont be experimenting with atom bombs, many dangers are associated with smaller types of bombs such as pipe bombs. Pipe bombs are especially lethal because they produce lots of shrapnel. Shrapnel is debris given off by the explosion (metal pieces of the pipe, or maybe even nails, glass, or bolts) that can cause lots of harm due to its velocity. Many kids believe that they are experts, and that nothing will ever happen to them, but it defiantly can.
Many incidents have occured of kids being hurt or killed by their own bomb. One case is that of a kid building a pipe bomb in my area. He stuffed a lot of gunpowder into a pipe with nails and he started to screw the cap of the metal pipe on. The grinding of the metal caused sparks and ignited the bomb, and he lost his hand and will not ever be able to have children. All this happened because of a simple bad decision that he will have to remember for the rest of his life.
Terroristic acts have plagued the entire world for centuries. These primitive acts of violence have an everlasting effect on communities thoughout the world. What may seem as icolated acts of hatred among cirtain groups can effect many generations down the line. To this day if one were to bring up “Oklahoma City” one of the first things that comes to mind is the horrifying terror felt by the people thoughout the Federal building on that mild April day in 1995; not to mention the family members greif and the shock that was felt througout the nation. This isn’t the only major bombing in my lifetime. One remembered vividly by the nation is the bombing of the World Trade Center.
The devestation in this incidident was caused by a simple fetilizer bomb. Taking this time to do this essay has helped me realize how dangerous bombs really can be. Meeting with the Delaware Fire Marshall changed the way I make my decisions. Looking back on my descision with the dry ice bomb, I found that I should have thought of the concequences before I acted.
This whole experience has helped me realize that bombs are very destructive. All in all I hope that I dont have to go though this experience again in my life time.Bibliography:

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