The Class that Changed My Life Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:13
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Everyone has turning points in life. Looking back at my life, I found that the most important event occurred when I was in 4th grade. From the beginning of the semester, I started learning dancing every Saturday, but I didn’t do well at the first few months. Mrs. Zhang, my dancing teacher, also my music teacher in my school, kept teaching me and helped me with every movements, But it always enhanced too slowly. I began to give up and canceled this class, then I started to focus on my studies. Few days later, we had a music class at school, we sang songs while Mrs.
Zhang was playing piano. The beautiful melody suffused the whole classroom, even through out the whole floor. Everyone was very earnest, we looked up the teacher and followed the rhythm. Although I was not good at singing, I was singing really hard. All the things in this classroom seemed very harmonious, just felt comfortable to stay at that moment. We had a free class after singing. We just sat on our chairs and talked to each other. And Mrs. Zhang started to talk about the school choir that she leaded very well.
I’ve seen some members before, they are excellent and graceful, I was imaging if one day I join in the school choir that will be really awesome: we have competition every month; we encourage each other; we do great performance every time; we get popular in our school. Those were just my imagination. I don’t think one day I can be one of the dancers. Just then, Mrs. Zhang said my name in the class,” Jingyi was in my dancing class, she was really hard-working and tough, she already has some basic dance technique, I hope her to rejoin in my class and practice more to be a member of the school choir.
Everyone turned back and looked at me with amazed face, I flushed tomato red, Mrs. Zhang was pleased to laugh, we had a really silent moment, and then the bell rang, the students began to leave. There’s a girl walked up to me with some of her friends, her name is Cao, she is a piano player and also recommended to join the school choir. She faced me, and said to her friends:” Do you think she really can join the school choir? It’sUnbelievable! ” Her friends threw her a faint smile. I didn’t even react for this brief moment, and they left.
Within the time, I felt that there’s a strong force striking my pride. I was very angry and didn’t know what to do next, I stood up, walked out of the classroom. There’s no one else on the floor, just me, I walked very slowly with head down, the gentle breeze flicked my face, I stopped, there’s a strong voice came from my mind,” Go back to the dancing class, don’t give up until you get into the school choir, you will prove to them that you can make it. ” Later, I took the class again; I practiced every night.
Finally, because of my perseverance and endeavor, I joined into the school choir, I did the same thing as I imaged before. Cao was surprised about me, she said sorry to me at once. I just felt really happy and enjoyable during the rest of my school years in elementary school. At first, I was shy and lacked confidence, but afterward I was aspirant and strived really hard. I realized that I can do anything if I really I want to do, just put on more focus and working hard, don’t give up easily and try the best, I will never repent my final decision.

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