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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:34
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In nature you see many biological relationship in which two living aninamls have a relationship. One animal will benefits from the other aninaml that animal which lives off the other benefits from that animal or could suffers. A tapeworm and a human are example of a parasitism.
The way a human comes in contrats a tapeworm by eating uncooked meat then the tapeworm makes it self at home in the human body. Whenever the human eats food the tapeworm takes in all the food it need to live. The tapeworm makes sure that does not take all the food that the human puts in it body because if does that the human will not get the nautratin the human body needs to live. If the human with the tapeworm its in body dies then the tapeworm dies as well because its host is not able to get the food it need to live. If the tapeworm in a human body for some time the human body will lose mass amounts of weight because the tapeworm eats up all food you feed your body and you will still be living but you will be very weak and not be able to go on with your everyday life. The only way for a human to get rid of a tapeworm is go to a doctor and have them put sharp blad down your throut and cut the head of the tapeworm off then your body will just get rid of tapeworm when you get rid of your waste.
In the United States the tapeworm is not a very big problem because our goverment has hi standards about the meat the we eat in this country. Some countrys such as in Eurpoe you have be cautious about the meat you because they don’t have such hi standards in as the US and getting a tapeworm would not be as much as big deal as it would be in the US. Bibliography:

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