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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:12
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During my life I have had productive times and some not so productive times. I would say that right now I am being the most productive because I am starting to have more responsibilities. Such as I have a vehicle now so I have to be responsible for getting money for gas and insurance, and I also have to keep it washed and cleaned to make it look good. I would say the least productive time in my life was when I was really small. This is because all I had to do was learn how to walk and talk. When I was in 5th grade I started writing every day.
I still do write every day. I wouldnt say that it is a journal because I dont write my feelings but I will write anything else. A really big positive experience that I can remember is when I got to play baseball in Chicago. My 5th grade year my baseball team won the state tournament in Hancock County and we were invited to play in the Regional Tournament in Chicago. We beat teams from Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. The biggest negative experience in my life is when my parents got divorced. It happened when I was six, which was eleven years ago.
The people that have influenced my writing the most are my 5th grade teachers; Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Maynard. They are the people that made me want to write. They would always talk about how important reading and writing are so I thought that if its so important then I should be doing it. The person that is influencing me the most at this moment is my grandfather. He served as Master Sergeant in Vietnam and in Desert storm and these were two voluntary terms. The stories he has told me are some that I will never forget.
His courage and bravery are unbelievable. I read a lot so all of the books that I have read have influenced me by expanding my vocabulary. I read a lot of Dan Brown books. My favorites are Digital Fortress and The Da Vinci Code. Dan does a great job of creating suspense and making the reader want to read on and that inspires me to want to do the same when I write. This past year I received a nook for my birthday and that allows me to choose from thousands of books to read so having the nook makes read even more.
My favorite place to read or write is my room. I go in my room and I close my door and turn on my lamp and I can read or write for hours. Anytime that I have time to kill I will mainly read but I write usually right before I go to bed or just at night. Im not sure why I write at night but it just feels easier to. I would rather have a book to read but if I cant find the copy of the book I will look it up on my nook. I havent published any works but I would love to publish something before I die.

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