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Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:06
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Subjects such as art, music and drama should be a part of every child’s basic education Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion While in some education systems importance of subjects such as art, music and drama in basic education is disregarded, experts have a concordant opinion about necessity of them in schools. As I’ll discuss, devoting a regular and precious schedule for above subjects not only help students to improve their artistry but also could significantly increase creativity and self-confidence of the kids.
It is clear that, discovering child’s talent is one of the most important school’s tasks. Schools by offering courses such as “Fine Arts” in their curriculum and hiring teachers who are highly qualified in art or music can help students to flourish their talents. As a case, we know that most of the big musicians started their art activities from early ages. So it might be a good idea to have music classes and help talented students to foster their talent. As the second reason, if these subjects become a part of every child’s basic education children can learn self-expression, creativity, teamwork and self- inference skills.
Thus according to these facts art could be also useful in students personal life. Many children suffer from behavioral problems such as shyness and of course art activities will inspire a strong feeling of self-confidence to overcome their problems. Also students who have art activities can do better in other lessons, because the art improves some of mental abilities such as concentration power of brain. There is another fact that deserves some words here, art provides intrinsic pleasure for children. Because students who have art activities are satisfied with their own abilities and power.
The unique feeling of power after drawing a picture, playing music, or creating something new would be the best gift for the artist. According to my experiences students who have learned an art are more prone to have a happier and better life. In sum up, effects of the subjects mentioned in the topic is not negligible in both children’s educational and personal life. Education system should provide an appropriate field for art activities in order to help students to have a better life. Subjects such as art, music and drama should be a part of every child’s basic education By maharani

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