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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:42
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Student’s nameProfessor’s nameCourseDateThe Role of Social Media in MarketingQ1. What were the specific social tools Hamilton and Miranda used to drive success?Hamilton and Miranda proved to be great manipulators of social media sites to trigger success. To market their work, the two made use of various social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Twitter enabled engagement with their followers through retweets, comments and picture sharing. Through Instagram, all the events taking place world be unveiled to their followers.
To increase their publicity, they involved other celebrities in their photos. The practise worked as a device to maintain the already existing and to attract new followers, hence maintaining their growing brand. Lastly, YouTube helped to share new videos. The videos increased the number of subscribers who were eager to watch their thrilling videos and performances.
Q2. Explain what is the importance of people and personalities in social media’s effectiveness?Maintaining a good personality among your fans is a very big boost. Social media being one of the largely used platforms makes it an ideal marketing platform. Just like Hamilton and Miranda did by engaging with their fans; social media creates a sense of suspense among celebrity’s fans that are curious to know what’s next with their favourite celebrities. Q3.
How did the role of celebrities change over time ; what is their role in marketing?The role of celebrities has drastically changed over time in that, in today’s world celebrities are being used on advertisements and marketing. It is an assumption that their fans would want to try the products being endorsed by their adored celebrities. This makes it an ideal way of marketing yourself just as Miranda and Hamilton did by sharing pictures taken with celebrities just to show their fans that they meant business. Q4. Evaluate the financial influence of the show’s social media activitiesBy getting more followers and making their fans engaged really increased their revenue drastically; this was achieved by the use of award winning stars in their work.
This made more fans want to get in touch with their production and in return more copies of their work were sold.

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