Star Wars Republic Commando Review Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:03
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The single-player aspect of Republic Commando takes you on three distinct campaigns during the Clone Wars-era of Star Wars. You’ll invade Sessions, along with the rest of the Republic army, investigate a derelict starship, and assist the weeklies in fending off Transposed slavers on the planet of Shaky. The campaigns are paced extremely well throughout the game, offering up new and interesting challenges at just the right junctures.
Whether it’s hunting down and assassinating a Secession lieutenant, fending Off endless hordes Of super battle roods and derriere, or escorting a highly ranked woke, there’s never a dull moment in Republic Commando. The missions are heavily scripted to provide exciting pitched battles, some of which Will see you as the aggressor and others of which will require you to defend areas from attack. This also means the game is fairly linear.
So it’s obvious which paths you’ll need to be going down, and you won’t he doing a whole lot of backtracking. But at the same time, nary a minute goes by without the blasters and rockets firing back and forth at full tilt. The only downer is that the fun doesn’t last long as most players should be able to tear through the campaign in fewer than 10 hours, It sure is an exciting ride while it lasts, though. The game does include a multilayer aspect on both the PC and Oxbow platforms.
Unfortunately, the multilayer isn’t nearly as creative or exciting as the campaign. There are standard demarcated, team demarcated, and capture the flag modes, along with an assault mode that’s basically the same as one- flag C TV, with one team attempting to carry a special item in to a capture area n the other team’s base before the timer runs out. There are eight maps total, which are designed for four to 16 players.
Many of these maps, however, are just derived from specific parts of the single-player levels, although there is one special level that includes some zero-gravity areas that provide extra amusement. Those who’ve played a lot of shooters won’t find much in Republic Commando they haven’t seen before. So if you were looking at this game specifically hoping for a great new multilayer experience, pure probably better off sticking with other alternatives.

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