Star Wars Movie Analysis Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:50
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It made a breakthrough in cinematographic world, and also one of my most favorite sagas that has a lot of issues director wants us to think about, implying his representation of tons of philosophical questions and his opinion Or subjective point of view_ picked up the latest part of the famous saga Star Wars Episode Ill: Revenge of the Sits: it is a final part of prequels of the original Story, it is actually explains and demonstrates the most important and trustful period of Nanking Skyjacker’s life, showing the whole situation that made him to decide to turn to the dark side.
The narration Starts, like in every episode with the text, that tells us action takes place “in a galaxy far far away”, which is intentioned element: simultaneously playing the score music, it also refers to the same type of element. The original motion picture soundtrack was composed by John Williams, genius and talented composer of the modern world, who’s famous for the variety of his works. The movie starts with the shooting sound of flying objects. It happens out frame, but we can easily understand that there’s some kind of battle is in progress.
Then we see inside the frame that space station is under attack by multiple space ships. Then camera shifts tromp the main objects to the characters, they are discussing the plan of the invasion. First narrator is the camera, there’s neither first person narrator nor voice-over narrator. The story-telling narration goes by itself, revealing in form of events inside the frame, the actions that took place outside the frame and decisions made by each of the character, in this case the most important decision is after Nanking, etc.

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