Star Wars The Plot Analysis Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:52
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The plot is very easy to understand. Every event linked to another and there were no random actions. The characters are well thought up and the movie takes place in a cool place. The movie has the universal theme of good vs.. Bad. Each side has one main good guy and one main bad guy. The plot may not be very complex, but is very easy to understand. Having the said the plot isn’t very complex, it still has some semi-dramatic parts.
Like most movies this movie has the good side in some sort of problem and gets fћpaved at the very last second with a victory shortly following, which would seem reasonable because most people would prefer the good side to win. Star wars has an ending that would satisfy most viewers. The last and very best part of the movie is the props and technology. It seems that Star Wars has more plopped props and stage setting than the movie itself.
Which is important because the movie is mostly visual naively. The sound effects are also very well developed The plot for star wars may not be that great, but seeing Star Wars just for the visual is well worth while. Overall, Star Wars is a good movie and has done a good job for other movies to follow And even though there are movies now that are way better than Star Wars, Star Wars will always be the first and possibly it Will never be forgotten.

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