Sport Ethics Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:24
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Defined by Webster’s Dictionary, sport is a physical activity engaged in for pleasure. There are many sports divided into two categories.
Individual or team oriented sports. In both cases they involve commitment, dedication, hard work, willingness, and pleasure. Without pleasure there is no reason in my eyes that that person should be playing. When I think of sports I think of sports such as football, soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, baseball.
In a sport such as soccer there is an extra element you have to deal with. That is your teammates. One must learn to trust their teammates, the team must work as a unit in order to achieve the goal, to win. Competition in a sports is probably the most important. Competition gives you your desire to play and to win.
Especially if you are the underdog in the fight. It gives the player that extra push to do better, to strive beyond what they think they are possible of. Sports should help you in your life. It is not just a thing to do when you are a kid or an adult but it should be a teaching mechanism as well. It should teach a person to be humble and not selfish.
To play by the rules and any deviation from that is wrong. It should teach you self- confidence that you can do anything if you practice at it. This is my definition of sport. Bibliography:

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