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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:01
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Sleepless in SeattleIt is difficult to say at times, what exactly makes a movie great. Ihave found that the good movies are felt as you are leaving the theater.
Theaudience should be able to feel and belive, to some degree. When exiting a movie,I hope that I feel this way. Today, paying large sums of money for each visit tothe theater is tough to keep up. The audience expects an extra specialperformance each and every visit.
I want to feel good as I leave. This satisfiesmy willingness to put out a large expence for this type of entertainment. When I left “Sleepless in Seattle”, I was in heaven. I had the feeling Iwanted. They movie brought me that “believer” feeling.
I feel that the purposeof this movie was to show the audience that fate is alive and well. I was shownthat there is someone out there for each and every one of us. I went to themovies with family. This was important.
I saw that I had nobody to lean on-butfamily. This upset me. The movie showed me that it is not necessary to getdiscouraged. Tom Hanks was meant for Meg Ryan. The proved fate. This alone mademe a believer.
I also think that Meg Ryan is adorable. I hope my fate leads to anotherMeg Ryan. I don’t think there can be two. I am forced to hope so.
The moviehelps me to convince myself. When I convince myself, fate sets itself up. I nowfeel that fate is working hard. I hope it is not just hardly working. I hope to dicover fate soon.
Thanks for a great movie-“Sleepless inSeattle”.

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