Should listening to music in study hall be allowed? Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:09
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Players on headphones during study hall? Today you often don’t go anywhere without hearing music or at least seeing someone listening to music, music has become a part of our everyday lives. Students should not have to stop doing something they are comfortable with doing at home studying just because they are at school studying, especially when it is something so harmless like listening to music.
Listening to music in headphones is not a distraction, it can help students study, as well as block out other distractions and surrounding sounds. The main purpose of headphones is so that you can listen to your music without anyone else being able to hear it. Students are unable to hear your music when your headphones are in therefore not taking away from their studying. Your music does not distract others but also inhibits people from distracting you. If you are listening to music as you are supposed to, headphones should not be an issue.
Therefore students should be allowed to listen to music in their study hall, as they do not present any immediate distractions to others. Ninety percent of students find that listening to music while working improves their focus and productivity. Music has also been shown to improve memory in students and helps students recall certain things as music gets the brain stimulated. Listening to music also helps the brain concentrate by engaging in a specific portion of the brain that is involved with paying attention.
Listening to music while studying also helps the student focus by having a background noise that they are familiar with and will be able to be comfortable with. If music helps students concentrates and relax while studying then why would we take that away from them? When all other sounds are being blocked out because they are listening to music dents can efficiently get their work done. With all other distractions and unfamiliar background noises blocked out from the student there are no distractions that can hinder the student from getting their work done.
When all the excess background noise is blocked out it finally gives the student a chance to relax and Just get their schoolwork done. Student’s grades often improve if they listen to music while studying because this is their proper way to study. With the amount of pressure on students, music is as a great way to relieve stress when focusing on homework and studying during study hall. Listening to music has been shown to minimize distractions in schools, increase productivity and also relax by blocking out situations going on around them while working.
Music has so many positive things to offer students especially at school, as many students are stressed out music is a great way for them to calm down and relieve that pressure, therefore students should be allowed to listen to them during study hall. Music class would not be offered in schools if they did not believe that music has positive effect and improves learning habits and skills in students. Should listening to music in study hall be allowed? By gamier

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