Short Story – Buck Up! Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:55
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“Jordan, what are you saying? Why are you saying that you are quitting your job? ” My mom was in the kitchen cooking up some of my favorite food, but I was not in the mood at all. I kept telling my mom that I have my reasons for what I am doing. I went to my room so frustrated. My mom would not let it go because she came in there all screaming demanding answers from me. All I could do was look at her thinking that this is my life, it is my decision. In my mind I was thinking why this woman on my case about this. To tune my mother out I turned the TV on, but that ended in complete failure.
Right when I turned it on, she turned it straight off. My mom stood in front of me and said in a calm voice,” Jordan, tell me what happen today. ” Thinking I was like it is none of your business but I folded. If I did not tell her I knew she would not leave it alone so I told her. The day at work started out pretty good just like any other day. Everyone said hey to me like they usually do and service was slow as ever. Deep down I knew that everyone was ready to go home because business is slow and that makes the labor go up.
Well my manager puts me on the front counter to take orders. I am like “Yes Lord. ” I was thrilled because I am not working in the kitchen smelling like burgers. I was ready to go home and labor was going up. I was thinking that it was matter of time and I will be out of here. As luck would have it, a big rush of people came pouring in and that is when everything went from easy day to crazy busy day. That’s when my day went from alright to horrible. I was taking this lady’s order and she was making this order so complicated. I was doing the best I can to get her order right.
While I was taking another customer’s order the same woman comes to me in the middle of the person who was trying to finish their order. She asked so rudely where is my food. I am standing thinking really woman you are so damn rude. The woman gets an even more of an attitude with me and said “Why don’t you get back there and make my food because you are not doing anything. ” I am like you don’t see me taking these people orders. I told her that was not my job. When I said that the situation escalated and the woman starts yelling making a even bigger scene. I was hoping that this would not get even worse.
That’s when the woman’s food came but, as luck would have it, it was not her order. She had got even angrier at me because one it was not her order and the other was that I did not go make her food. She kept on insulting me and I was not going to stand for that. I snapped and said, “I do not care that this is not your order. I tried to be nice to you and be patient but you pushed it too far. This may be Burger King, but you lady will not have it your way. ” When I said that, she could not say anything. She was standing there in shocked and all she could do was leave.
Once she left my manager called me to the office. My manager said,” Jordan, you cannot talk to the customer like that despite what she says or does. You have to keep your head on your shoulders. ” All I could say was yes ma’am to her. My manager saw that I was so irritated and ready to go so she sent me home. I was so frustrated about that whole event. My day started out so great but that woman quickly turned it into one of the worst days at Burger King. Driving home all I could do was think about how can she interrupt me and tell me go make her food. What was most on my mind was to quit that job all together.
Mom, coming home I was thinking was how was I going to explain to you that I was going quit the job. What made it even harder was that you was cooking my favorite food. The smell from the food would usually have me smiling and ready to eat but not this night. When I told you that I was going to I saw that you were so disappointed in me. ” My mom said,” You are right Jordan. I am disappointed in you. You let that woman get to you when you shouldn’t have. Another thing, you cannot quit at something just because of a person or if something was hard. ” When she said that I started remembering about a time similar to what she said.
I was eight years old and my mom was taking me, my sister, and few others to Six Flags. As most eight year olds and younger kids, I was so excited because I have been begging my mom to take me and few others to Six Flags. Excitement was building up inside me like a volcano ready to erupt. The trip was long and boring, and I had fell asleep dreaming about Six Flags. My sister woke me up from my dream and told me to look. When I opened my and looked my dream had become a reality. Upon entering the gates I was looking around at the rides, the food, and the people.
I was smelling the food and it smelled so delicious but the air was filled with disgusting smells also. I was not even worried about the smells because I was mostly trying to figure out what I should ride. I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know what to do. We were riding everything we could but again was not trying the food even though some smelled very good. The moment of truth was upon me and I was ready. I was now tall enough to ride one of the superhero rides. The first one I wanted to ride was the Batman roller coaster. I was so excited to ride the Batman.
I was put in the middle of the coaster getting all strapped and ready to go while my sister was behind doing the same. The coaster started up and we were having a blast. As we were coming to the last loop, the coaster stopped in the middle of the loop. Being eight years old, I did not know what was going on. I thought it was part of the ride, but after being up there for more than twenty minutes I started to freak out. When we were up there even longer I started to cry. We were stuck up there for two hours. After the mechanics got the ride moving again I was still crying and very scared.
I was ready to get off the ride get to my mom. Once I got down I ran to my mom and told her what happen. I just could not stop crying and all I could say was that I did not want to ride anything. My mom and sister were trying to calm me down and make me stop but it wasn’t working. Out of nowhere a stranger came up and was talking to my mom and sister. I was still crying but wondering who was. He looked at me and then back at my mom. The man kneeled down to me and I was still crying my eyes out. ” Hey, stop with crying. Your mom was telling me that you don’t want to ride anything anymore.
Now you shouldn’t give up just because of a little bump in the road. The road isn’t easy and you cannot just say I quit just because it didn’t go the way you wanted it go. Now promise me that you will not give up at anything until you cannot go anymore and that you will stop being a crybaby and man up. ” I didn’t know who this man was, but all I could do was say yes sir to him. When he was leaving I noticed that he had a tattoo on his arm. We was leaving the amusement park, and when we got to the car I ask my mom who was that man. She told me he was a marine. Now I know the reason for why I am who I am.
I thought to myself, while my mom was still lecturing me on why I shouldn’t quit my job, I cannot quit my job just because of a rude woman. The odds are is that I will not see that woman ever again. I stopped my mom in the middle of her lecture and told her that I was not going to quit my job anymore. She asked me why that is now. I told her that was because of someone from a long time ago. She was so relieved that I was going to stick through this job. I said, “Now let’s go eat some dinner while it is still hot and ready. ” In the back of my head I wish I could thank that marine.

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