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Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:42
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Where should school draw the line between recognizing excellence and achieving equality? Many peoples hue different expectations in areas of sports and academics when it comes to school. As people of this age though, we often times place more emphasis on sports than On academics. People are more likely going to batch a basketball game at night on television than they are the national spelling bee. People get caught up in the sticky debate Of playing time in sports and often forget the close relationship it has with academics.
Why do parents complain bout their kids not receiving enough playing time but not complain that they are not at the top of their class? Why do we limit participants in sports but give more opportunities in academics? These are all questions that have no definitive answers and require you to state your own opinion on. At school, there are going to be many different kids with different talents, gifts and hobbies. Everybody is definitely not equal in their strengths and weaknesses.
In sports, everybody is not equal in their abilities but they should be given equal opportunities. The couch’s job is to present equal opportunities at the beginning t the season and based on talent and how well the player has shown to be, the coach will divide the players into the appropriate positions. He/ she may limit varsity players but the remaining players are still allowed the chance to play in sub-varsity levels. It is up to the player to strengthen their skills. Live that everyone should have the opportunity to play the sport, but the couch does have the right to determine playing time and positions. Depending of sizes of various schools, things may change but you can still provide equal opportunities. Playing time is a touchy subject for many parents and players. All-in-all, when game time comes, it is up to the coach to do what is best for the team. If it comes to a minute left in a tied game, and coach has to sit his senior and put in his best 3 point shooter, he is doing what is best for the team.
A senior on the team receiving more playing time than a freshman is also understandable as well as the coach is trying to present the player with exposure to the sport that many times, student don’t go on to play in college. It isn’t possible to please everyone and not all the parents are going to be 100% pleased at the end of the game, but hey need to respect the coach and the team and set a good example for their kids. In academics, people who work hard tend to rise above the rest.
Many people have grown accustom to this and grown to be fine with it. School choirs don’t need to force everyone to try out. Kids will apply in classes that they are interested in and odds are that if they are in a class that interests them, they will try harder and succeed more. Basically if you put everything together, schools should presents students and players with equal opportunities, prom there, here are kids that rise above.
It is not going to do good tort a parent to sit and complain about their kid’s playing time because when pointed back to life that is not how it works, Later on, when a student applies for a job, they will start at the bottom and work their way up. They can’t have their parents come in and complain about their pay. It’s their job to work hard to receive a pay raise and obtain a higher position. People are going to rise above. Its a fact of life. Its the school’s job to present equal opportunities, yet at the same time know When to draw the line.

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