Russian Revolution Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:30
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Today, when one thinks of the communist form of government, they often think of oppression, domination and corruption. We see that people do not have the freedom to their rights and are not allowed to go forth and conquer their goals. However, communism in its pure form appeared to be fair and just. The idea of communism basically formed around the idea of equality. The people under this rule were to have equal land, as well as equal pay.
This way there was to be no form of inequality or segregation among them. There are many mixed feelings on the topic of communism, and I myself am not able to tell you just what I think of it. Reading 7. 2 actually compared communism to being similar to nazism. Most every country goes through a revolution, in order to sort everything out.
There will always be a rise and fall in a country’s history and in 1917 it was Russias turn to revolt. Within this revolution communism was certainly a strong factor, along with the suffering of the I believe communism in its pure form to be a good thing. I like the fact that everyone is equal, and allowed equal opportunities thus, no one is of a lower or higher class. Now the only real problem with communism is that people are not born with equal mindsets. Some people are born with the drive to succeed, they want more things in life than what they are given and will work hard for it.
Then there are those who feel like what they have is good enough. That is where communism will oppress the people who want to succeed and will be helping out the people who in a normal society would not have had much to begin with. What happened in Russia was certainly wrong, especially since the communism had similarities with nazism. One strong example would be the massacre of the kulaks, who were known as the rich peasants. From reading 7.
2 it was quite evident that the kulaks were treated like the Jews in Germany. Its terrible that these people were discriminated against. Technically, if communism was to make each and every being equal then there should have been no discrimination. This though is not possible, for discrimination is a part of life and society. Stalin certainly had many similarities to Hitler, which is why it turned out to be alot like nazism.
It is due to what has happened in the past that gives communism such a bad name. Since Russia has been a country where its people have been oppressed we tend to look down upon communism. And this is why, today communism is thought of as pure oppression, Bibliography:

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