Romeo And Juliet With Midsummer Nights Dream Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:16
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“Lord, What fools these mortals be. . .
” That’s what Robin Goodfellowfrom the book “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” remarked. It is inevitablythe truth. The aspect of love can mar the human mind. It’s hard to explain andhard to fit into mere words. Three main kinds of love seen most often inliterature are romanticism, family, and friendship love.
An example would beheartily clarified using the books “Romeo and Juliet” along with”A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare. Most often, theromanticism is greatly appreciated by the audience. Tales of chivalry intriguethe human mind, making it yearn for more. This kind of love is between a man anda woman who most often wish to be bonded by marriage. Hermia and Lysander can becompared to Romeo and Juliet. They were both fanatical for eachother, and madlydoted on one another with such fervor.
Though there were some small contrasts,Hermia and Lysander’s love was tampered with by magic, while Romeo and Juliet’swas their complete facination with one another. That is romanticism. Family loveis a warm feeling of being protected by the one that you were birthed to, or hastaken care of you the majority of your life. In the case of these books, we’lluse Egeus and Hermia. It’s possible that Egeus might have actually loved Hermia,unlike Lord Capulet towards Juliet.
Capulet didn’t sincerely care about Juliet’sfeelings; it was only pertinent for the political value to him that Juliet couldhave brought with her marriage to Paris. It doesn’t mention Hermia’s mother, butJuliet’s mother is quite detached and uncaring. This most surely arises from thefact that Juliet’s mother was so young when she gave birth to Juliet. Friendshiplove is completely different from family or romantic love. you can depend onfriends to help you through things that people who are too close, like family orsignificant others who cannot help. To Helena she was Hermia’s best friend, andRomeo to Mercutio.
Yet, Romeo and Mercutio stayed true to eachother, whielHelena betrayed Hermia. Of course, different insights lead to different views. Love is something that will live through out ages, not only in literature butalso in people’s hearts. Love is hard to simply be depleted. Now, there are farmore categories of love than these three.
To take them all into considerationwould mean you’d have to become immortal. While all three of these contrastgreatly, there is some mutual feeling between them, which is basic love, nomatter how you look at it.

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