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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:34
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TerryMay 25, 199710th gradeROMEIntroductionRome also known as the ancient city was the capital of the greatest empire of the ancient world. It was a great and prosperous city that was filled with at least one million people. Many people believe that the height of the city of Rome reached its height near the time that emperor constantius the second had seen it for the first time. When he had seen all the sights such as the sanctuary of Jupiter capitolinus, the public baths, the coliseum and the circus maximus and the dome of the pantheon. And then once he saw the forum built by Trajan he started to complain about all of the wonderful stories he was told about Rome and those stories were not giving Rome enough credit. Julius CaesarJulius Caius Caesar lived from a questionable 102? Before Christ44 before Christ , Julius Caesar was a roman statesman and a general.
Julius caeser was born into the Julian Gens family one of the oldest aristocratic families in Rome, Julius Caesar was always a member of the democratic or also known as the popular party. In 82 Before Christ. , Sulla condemned Julius Caesar, who fled from Rome when Sulla died in 78 Before Christ. Julius Caesar returned back to Rome and began his political career as a member of the popular party.
In 69 Before C. Julius Caesar helped Pompey to obtain the supreme command for the war in the East. When Julius Caesar returned to Rome from Spain in 68 Before Christ he created one of his greatest contributions to history the Julian calendar. In 60 Before Christ Julius Caesar organized a union that was known as the First triad, made up of Pompey, commander and chief of the army, Marcus Licinius Crassus the wealthiest person in Rome, and Julius Caesar himself.
In the years 58 to 49 Before Christ Julius Caesar made his reputation in the Gallic wars. Caesar made explorations into Britain in 55 and 54 Before Christ and defeated the Britains. By the end of the Gallic wars Julius Caesar had reduced all of Gaul to Roman control. The battles of the Gallic wars Julius Caesar one of the greatest military commanders of all time developed the personal devotion of the Roman legions to him self.
Crassus’s death in 53 Before Christ ended the First Triad and put Pompey and Caesar at each others throats. In 50 Before Christ the senate ordered Caesar to disperse his army, but two tribunes faithful to Caesar, 1. Marc Antony and Quintus Cassius Longinus, vetoed the bill. They fled to Caesar, who assembled his army and got the support of the soldiers against the senate. On Jan. 19, 49 Before Christ, Caesar crossed the Rubicon, the stream holding his province from entering Italy, once he crossed this stream the civil war began.
Julius Caesars march to Rome was a triumphant one filled with happiness and joy in the Romans part although I cant say that for the Italians. At Pharsala in 48 B. C. , Caesar defeated Pompey, when he was defeated he fled to Egypt, where he was killed by Julius Caesar .
Caesar, having pursued Pompey to Egypt, remained there for some time, living with Cleopatra who lived from 69 Before Christ30 Before Christ she was the queen of Egypt, and one of the most well known heroines of history. Cleopatra was The daughter of Ptolemy the eleventh, Cleopatra was forced by custom marry her younger brother Ptolemy the twelth. By revolting against Ptolemy the twelth with the help of Julius Caesar, Cleopatra won the kingdom of Egypt although Egypt remained a henchmen of Rome. After Cleopatras husband died, she married another brother, Ptolemy the thirteenth but during this time she was the mistress of Julius Caesar, and in Rome she had a son of which she named Caesarion later named as Ptolemy the fourteenth of which she said was his own son. On Julius Caesars return to Rome, he set about reorganized the living conditions of the people by passing Agrarian laws and also by improving the housing of the Romans . In 44 Before Christ he became dictator for life.
This meant until he died he would own and

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