Rime Of Ancient Mariner Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:29
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The poem is a parable of the road between sin and repentance. The ancientmariner is telling of the fall or the sin itself. The journey of the sinner is alonely one, which is the feeling received by the land of ice. The journey isstorm tossed and full of fear.
There is a price to pay for sinning and the roadof repentance is full of ups and downs. The mariner tries to pray, but is unablebecause of not having complete repentance in his heart. Once he accepts andadmits of his sin, he is uplift and guided home. Upon reaching home he mustcontinue to tell of the path of sin and redemption. The wedding guest is tolearn the moral of love thy neighbor be it beast or human.
Line 13-14 is therising and setting of the sun Minstrelsy- a traveling singer of the middle agesAye- poet. always; ever Albatross- a large, web-footed sea bird related to thepetrel Serape- a heavenly being, or any of the highest order of angels Part VIlines 44-45 the departing of the angels of mercy that delivered the mariner homeLast lines of part VI- the hermit could be a priest and the mariner is gladbecause he can hear his confession and forgive him Kirk- a church Last line ofthe poem- the wedding guest woke the next morning feeling depressed but informedabout the story the mariner told The mariner is Coleridge and the wedding guestI think is Wordsworth.

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