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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:26
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RevolutionDestruction of statues, screaming in the streets, rash actions, hasty decisions, and adrenaline-influenced outbursts.
Prim and proper, fancy meetings, organized schedules, time for tea, and the thought of perfection. Total opposites are bound to clash at sometime or another, and for America, that time was now. The movie Revolution shows us movingly and realistically how the Revolutionary War was led up to, how the years of battles continued, and how finally victory was attained. Poor King George III had no idea what hit him. All of the colonies now had their own governments to lean on, their own Declaration of Independence already being passed out among the people, and their own volunteer army. The famous Liberty or Death was their cry.
No more repression for the people of America, they believed that God was on their side, and it was time for freedom. When the battles began, first they were tiny squabbles that were simple and not messy. But as time passed, so did being civilized, anything and everything that would hurt the enemy in any way that could be done, was done. For that reason, on top of others, hospitals were needed. They were lacking in every department except for amputation. But since sanitary conditions were impossible, almost all had their wounds infected, and would die from the aftermath of that.
During battles there was always a flag present. No matter what happened, there was always someone carrying the flag. As soon as someone would get taken out, another would run and pick it up to show that you just cant keep a good man down. Also, when people traveled in and out of battle areas, they would need flags to show their business and whom they supported.
For example, if a wagon came in that brought rations for the colonists, they would first need to pay a toll, have an American flag, and a white flag to show they werent in battle. But usually, and unfortunately, in the heat of madness and testosterone, those battle codes were not heeded. The fighting tactics were primitive. It usually was to make the other army move back a smidgen, take a break, then try again to kill, kill, kill.
For the British, when a battle was won over a colony, they would parade through the streets with the remaining soldiers, the wounded and captured American soldiers. Any person who didnt support the British was taken prisoner and was used as examples for the others. They would have no privileges, no rights, so the British would use them for anything, to kill as entertainment, become a servant of some kind, or even be the fox in a jolly-good time of hound hunting. While speaking of hunting, Native Americans also played a great part in the Revolutionary War. Either the British or the Americans hired them.
They were asked to help track and kill enemies or escaped prisoners and also were excellent scouts. It may have taken a while, but another ally of the Americans was the French. With both helping, the optimum outcome was achieved. In the end of our war, America celebrated her victories with packed streets and happy returns.
The dreams of the colonists, a place to be, no one to bow down to, you can say what you feel, you can make a home for your family, they had come true. A fitting and appropriate quote that the movie embodied, Thats the idea of America. . . a revolution.

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