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Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:13
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I will be reviewing the fictional novel ‘Jane Eyre’, which was written by Charlotte Bronte. Issues which are relevant in this novel are that of feminism, social class, religion and spiritual themes. The book was written over a century ago, and before reading the book, I did question why anyone would be interested in a book which was old-fashioned and irrelevant to the world today. My opinions have drastically changed, now that I have read the book. Jane Eyre is the main character of the book. As a young child, Jane comes across as a quiet, intelligent and plain girl, while at times she can be hot-tempered and passionate.
Jane is an interesting and unusual character. She is a young orphan, whose harsh relatives send her to a boarding school for underprivileged children. The institution is not the nicest place imaginable. Jane Eyre, and all the other students are treated harshly and unfairly. She grows up there, then goes to work as a governess, under a man named Mr. ochester. Despite his harsh ways, and the differences between their social statuses, they fall in love, until a dark secret she discovers threatens to destroy their love. I found the book Jane Eyre very interesting, and exciting to read.
It was very thought provoking and I found the themes in this novel to be relevant to society today. One issue that we see in Jane Eyre is that of feminism. The issue of female independence in the novel is of great importance. The issue of feminism is still relevant to today’s society. We see instances all around the world where women are continually trying to achieve the same status as men. One example of this is the Women’s Liberation Front. Therefore, the theme of feminism in Jane Eyre is something we can relate to today. Another theme present in Jane Eyre is that of social hierarchy.
Jane Eyre is critical of Victorian England’s strict social hierarchy. Jane is a figure of extreme tension for the characters around her. It is still relevant today as we see instances around the world where social class is an issue. I do not feel this is a major issue in the west, but in countries such as India, and other eastern countries, the social hierarchy is somewhat a very big issue. Those who are of a low social class can be abused and violated, and are not given the same rights as those of a higher class. This is why I feel the issue of social hierarchy in Jane Eyre is most definitely relevant to today’s society.
The book Jane Eyre, covered many aspects of themes which were relevant in the Victorian Era, and I feel that the author has successfully tied these themes into the story. The story has many strengths, and very few weaknesses. One strength is that Jane, as a character, is portrayed well, we have a clear understanding of her opinions and beliefs. The author has made Jane an interesting and thought provoking character, and she questions beliefs and morals that others of her era take for granted, and it is interesting to read how she adapts to fit in with society for instance, when tutoring Adele, she must be polite.
It is riveting to see the reactions she receives from others such as when she is locked in the Red Room by Mrs. Reed, and what manner she deals with them. Not only is Jane herself portrayed well as a character, but every single character in the novel has significance and we can usually see clearly the characters role/purpose in the novel. The characters are believable. Another strength in the novel is that not only has Charlotte Bronte managed to convey many sorts of beliefs and themes into the novel, but she has managed to tie it in with the story line, so that all discussed themes have relevance.
The book incorporates many different genres, including romance, drama and mystery, which make it an interesting read. The themes included in the novel are also relevant to today’s society; therefore the reader today can understand and formulate an opinion on the discussed themes of the novel according to society today. Although the style of writing appealed to me, I feel that this book may not appeal to those looking for a book with a more modern style of writing. Though the issues and themes discussed in the book are still, I feel, relevant in today’s society, the style of writing is very much different, and old-fashioned.
I would not consider this as a weakness as I liked the old fashioned style of writing, but I think this aspect of the book may not appeal to a minority of readers. Another aspect of which may stop people reading this book is that it is a very long book. I myself do not consider this as a weakness, as every chapter of the book left me in suspense, and wanting more. Throughout the whole duration of the book, I felt I was on the edge, and it excited me. I didn’t find any parts of the book unnecessary or dull, and this is why I do not consider the length of the novel to be a weakness.
In the novel I found I sympathised with the character Jane the most. I feel that Jane is condemned by society for being different, and questioning the beliefs and opinions around her. While living with Mrs. Reed, she is the subject of much taunting, and finds it difficult. I think that she may feel that she is not valued as a person in the household, and once again we see issues of social class. I also discovered inspiration from this novel. Jane has a firm grasp of her ethics and is strong minded.
She says, “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will. ” The courage and independence Jane possessed astounded me. This book would be perfect for those who love romantic classics. Another inspiration came as I read the scene when Jane leaves Thornfield Hall, her home, love, family and friends. She sacrifices all to take the moral high road, yet eventually comes out on top and is happy. Jane possesses will, virtue and purity, and is very admirable. She proves that a woman can find herself and be someone in a world dominated by men.
This book is perfect for those who love romantic classics. To conclude, Jane Eyre is a story of tragedy, love and deception, and I found it exciting, gripping, and interesting. I found the themes introduced in the novel were very thought-provoking, and have a lot of relevance in today’s society. I think the author’s purpose throughout the book was to provide an interesting story which dealt with issues which were relevant in the Victorian Era, and I feel that Charlotte Bronte has successfully done this.

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