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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:29
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Imagine killing your father and sleeping with your mother! This is what Oedipus did! Even though I read this story many times I am still shocked when I read the part of how Oedipus fulfilled his prophecy. It makes me tingle inside! I still cant believe that Jocasta did not know that she married her son! In the end when Jocasta committed suicide and Oedipus blinded himself I thought that by doing that it was the only way that Jocasta and Oedipus can be at peace again. Dramatic irony played a major role in this play. The only way to get rid of the plague is to punish the murderer and Oedipus wants to punish the murderer but he does not know that he killed Laos himself. He does not find out until the end of the play that he is the murderer. After Teiresias tells Oedipus the truth, Oedipus mocks Teiresias blindness when in fact Oedipus is the on that is blind.
Oedipus still did not know the he was the murderer after he was told. There is one thing that I still do not understand. How does the reader know that the characters in the story angered the gods? Even the characters in the story do not know the faith that the gods intend for them. The way I see it is that the gods really intended for the Shepard to feel sorry for Oedipus and to give him away to another Shepard far away. I also think that Oedipus running away from home was part of the gods plan because that was probably the only way that Oedipus would fulfill the prophecy.
I dont think that the gods did all of this because they were mad at all. Thats probably how it was suppose to happen, its just that the reader was not expecting that to happen.

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