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Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:16
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However, this all changed when an American lady named Haling Zeal reinvigorated the art. As well, in the Sanskrit language the word Patti means cloth and Chitchat means picture; so the word resembles the type of art. Overall, Patrician paintings have a compelling history, background, and it requires an extended amount of procedure. The exact date of when Patrician paintings originated is unknown, however research states that it dates back to prehistoric times. “Patrician was an already existing art form before palm leaf illustrations made their appearance in the fifteenth century’ (Shah).
The paintings have a slight resemblance with the old religious murals of Arioso from the purr, Sonora and Boneshaker region. These murals date back to about 5th century BC 80th of these art forms are remarkably bright, colorful and they have great motives, Even if the exact date of origin may not be clear, one can still come to terms that Patrician paintings are ancient. The background behind Patrician paintings are the Hindu mythological themes they have. It centers on the Jonathan and the Visional cult.
Since the beginning of Arioso culture, Lord Jonathan has been the major source of inspiration. “These themes revolve around this art form and mostly deal With stories from Inhabitant, Ramadan and legends uncovering Radar and Krishna, Lord Jonathan and other popular legends. But the most popular is the depiction Of Carthaginian, Baldhead and Subheads, the Divine triad or Sir. Jonathan Patti” (Patrician Paintings). The individual paintings of gods and goddesses are also painted. Overall, it is these themes which give the art a widely interesting background.
Patrician paintings undertake a procedure and a lot of skill is required in order to recreate the traditional masterpiece, For starters, Patrician paintings are done on a canvas with small strips of cotton cloth. The canvas is prepared by coating the cloth with mixture of chalk and gum made from tamarind seeds and then it is rubbed by using two different stones. ‘The mixture tot gum and chalk gives the cloth’s surface a leathery finish on which the artists paint with vegetable, earth and stone colors” (Patrician).
The canvas cannot stay as a cloth tort because then it will be difficult to paint on, so the leathery surface is necessary. ‘The painters do not use pencil or charcoal for the preliminary drawings. ” This shows that they are expert with this form of art, so they simply just draw directly with the brush. “The background on which the figures are represented, has decorations of lowers and foliages. All the paintings are given decorative borders. The whole painting is conceived in the form of a design on a given canvas” (Patrician).
Borders also play 3 grand role in the paintings because first on the painting on all the four sides must consist of two or three lines according to the size of the painting (Kumara_ All the extra details and decorations are What distinguishes the painting and makes it unique. Finally, “the final lines are drawn and the painting is given a lacquer coating to protect it from weather” (Patrician Paintings). Afterwards. The painting is held over a fireplace so that the back of the matting is exposed to heat. On the surface of the painting fine lacquer is applied.
If one wants to make a traditional Patrician painting just how the chastisers use to make it, then things can get immensely complicated. In modern times it is much easier to recreate these paintings because of all the certain resources people have. However, the whole procedure that chastisers would go through is more interesting than going to a store and getting all the supplies already made, Patrician paintings are well-known traditional cloth paintings in India and they are still widely practiced today due to various amount of reasons.
There are many other types of ancient art in India, however Patrician art seems to be the most eye catching and interesting form of art to the majority of people. It is surprising that Patrician art was about to die by the early ass because it is a form of art that consists of so many bright colors and is overall unique. Having themes in the artwork is unique because it can help one understand more about Hindu mythology and the god/ goddesses This art is one of the oldest art painting forms in India and it is even widely recreated by many today because of the overall great history, background and the interesting procedures it has.

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