Raising a child with a disability Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:41
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Raising a child with a disability Essay: Journal Entry #2:Summary:This article mainly examines ways in which parents can deal properly with the news of being told that their child has a disability. There are a few stories in the article which emphasize the way the parents felt when they found out about their child’s disability.
In most cases, the parents felt shattered, overwhelmed and completely shocked. The article explained that parents have an expectation of having that “perfect” child and when one is told that the child is not so perfect, their dreams and their lives become devastating. The reading examines ways in which to build a support system as well as ways in which to keep a balance in your life. The author indicates the importance of keeping a positive attitude when in this situation. Main Points:This article was very interesting and there are a few key points that stand out.
The author explained that it is important to be an advocate for your child by learning as much as you can about the disability that they have. Also, she mentioned that if a parent keeps on living in denial about the illness or disability, that this will never help the child or the parent. I also found it interesting when she spoke about support within the family as well as outside the family. Lastly, I thought it was important for her to mention the strain that a family with a disabled child will incur.
Reflection:This article allowed the reader to put themselves in the families shoes and realize the struggles that they do go through. When the author said that it is of mass importance to be an advocate for your child with a disability, I totally agreed. It is vital to make sure Page 2that a parent does the research with regards to finding out what the disease is all about for both medical and other reasons. Once a parent knows what they are dealing with, they will be prepared for things to come.
Also, they can get information on governmental support and programs as well as recreational and educational activities so that their child can be involved in the community and be as “normal” as possible. The next main point was how it is essential for a parent to stop living in denial. A parent needs to be supportive and understanding not detached from the child. The family simply needs to ask for help both inside the family as well as outside.
Friends and family are an important support network and they can help baby-sit, clean around the house, and just talk. Also, there are many support groups on the internet and in communities. This is great because parents can realize that they are not alone. Lastly, having a child with a disability can put a lot of strain on the family, financially, physically and emotionally. It is important for the parents to take time for themselves.
Also, parents need to realize that if they have other children, that these children need love and guidance as well. Persisting Question:The only question I have with regards to this article is, What is actually considered the ideal child and how can we define this? I think it is hard to define an ideal child and I think it is unfortunate that we even have these perceptions. I just feel as though every child is a gift no matter what. Because we cannot define normal properly, I do not believe there to be an ideal child. .

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