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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:03
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OF LIFE. ?Many people ask themselves this question. And most of the time they get an answer based on a religion. Because this is the only explanation that people seem to find. If they don’t have an answer to the question then it must be God.
With God you can explain everything. Why am I poor and lazy, because of God. Why does my wife cheat on me, because of God. Why am I ugly, It must be God. OK I kind of agree with this last one.
No I am just joking. But actually the answer is very simple and it is not god. We are here to follow the rules of nature, or our animal instinct. Because that is what we are, just a kind of animal called human. People will say right away that we are not animals because we can think and animals can’t. That is of course a very poor explanation.
We can think and make decisions because this is our tool to survive in this world. The bird can fly and we can not. The dog can smell much better than we do. The giraffe is much taller than we are.
The monkey can climb in trees much better than we do. This is their tool to survive. Because we can think does not make us any better than other animals we are only different. We are actually the worst kind of all animals. We kill for joy, we kill each other in the name of God.
We hate, we envy, we etc etc . . . .
. Anyway that is another story. Now that we are at the same level with all other animals I can start to explain the purpose of life . There are three phases in the life of any living species. First survival, second have children and third taking care of the children until they can take care of themselves. Then the children can do the same as their parents did.
That is the whole purpose of life “CONSERVATION OF THE SPECIES”. And the process goes on and on.

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