PSAT 2 Vocabulary Study Sheet Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:43
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palliate(v)to ease pain; to make less guilty or offensive2. ambivalence(n)the state of having contradictory orconflicting emotions3. maxim(n)proverb4. obstinate(adj)not yielding to reason; stubborn, dogged5. condone(v)to forgive, pardon, or overlook6. disdain(adj) to regard as unworthy; to refuse with scorn7.
repudiate(v) to refuse to accept or acknowledge8. respite(n)interval of relief, rest9. elegiac(adj) sad, mournful10. idiosyncratic(adj) private; peculiar to an individual11. prolific(adj) abundantly fruitful12.
plastic(adj) flexible, changing13. immutable(adj)never changing14. static(adj)not moving, stationary15. interpid(adj) fearless16. renegade(n)a person who abandons a religion, party, or movement17.
daunt(v) to intimidate18. emulate(v)to imitate19. mitigate(v)to appease20. ubiquitous(adj)being everywhere, omnipresent21.
loquacious(adj)talkative22. retucent(adj) silent, uncommunicative23. taciturn(adj) talking little, habitually24. mire(v) to entangle; to stick in swampy ground25.
unscrupulous(adj)unprincipled26. prodigal(adj)wasteful, reckless with money27.debunk(v)to expose false claims28.sovereign(n) a person who possess authority; monarch or ruler29.herald(v)to introduce, announce30.didmiss(v)to send away31.defiant(adj) openly resisting32.audacity(n)boldness33.articulation(n)utterance, way of speaking34.exotic(adj)foreign35.patronize(v) to be helpful but in a snobbish manner36.sordid(adj)dirty, filthy37.poignant(adj) keen, piercing, severe38.nostalgia(n) homesickness, longing for the past39.espouse(v)to support, advocate40.subside(v)to settle, become less active41.incite(v)to urge to action42.scurry(v)to run hastily, to scamper43.eulogy(n)high praise44.laudatory(adj)expressing praise, commendation45.epigram(n)a terse, witty statement46.tirade(n)a long vehement speech, denunciation47.obdurate(adj) stubborn48.turbid(adj)a long vehement speech, denunciation49.obduarte(adj) stubborn50.zealot(n)fanatic51.charlatan(n) quack, pretender of knowledge52.flagrant(adj) notorious, outrageous53.venerable(adj)deserving high respect54.actrminy(n)bitterness of temper, manner, or speech55.scuffle(v)to fight or struggle56.sumptuous(adj)costly, lavish57.eminent(adj) lofty, exalted, noteworthy58.piert(n) devotion to religious duties59.advocate(v)to support; to be in flavor60.sectarian(adj)narrow-minded, limited61.encroach(v)to trespass, intrude62.endemic(adj) native to a region63.perilous(adj) involving risk, dangerous64.fallow(adj)left uncultivated; untrained, inactive(as said of themind)65.axiom(n) self-evident truth requiring no proof66.abdicate(v)to renounce, give-up

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