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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:05
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Two Animal Products vs. Two Protein Amino Acid SupplementsThe Protein and Amino Acid supplement make claims to build lean muscle mass in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise (especially weight training).
Protein and Amino Acid supplement companies advocate eating 6-8 small healthy meals a day which allows the body to use food more efficiently throughout the day for increased energy and performance. The theory protein supplements are based on is that the body constantly needs an efficient supply of protein in a low fat and cholesterol form to help prevent muscle catabolism and meat proteins. Catabolism is when your body has varied levels of Cortisol, which eats lean muscle mass. Vitamins and minerals are added to the protein supplements and also Amino Acids.
Complete forms of amino acids are necessary to inner-case lean body mass. Extra L-Glutamine is added which supposedly helps prevent (OTS) Over Training Syndrome which is usually followed by (DOMS) Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and weakened immunity. Taurine is also added to both protein supplements to help shuttle the amino acids and carbohydrates by mimicking the power of insulin. All these claims may make sense on paper or a few studies but none of these statements have been evaluated by the food and drug administration and is long term safety has not yet been tested or evaluated.
Animal products compared were tuna (water) and chicken (breast). The chicken was $5. 89/lb and the tuna was $0. 79 for a 2 oz. can compared to Protein supplements and meal replacements which are around $3.
00-$4. 00 a serving. Both chicken breast and tuna are good sources of protein without much fat (saturated) and cholesterol. Meat products do not have the dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals added like protein supplements but vitamins and minerals, can be easily supplemented by whole food sources and proper nutrition. Protein supplements can consume therefore the extra protein is wasted and excreted from the body.For the average person protein supplements are not necessary if their dietary needs are met through whole food sources.Bibliography:

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