Prehistoric Art~Cave Paintings Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:18
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Many have agreed that survival ND ceremonial reasons contribute the most to the meaning behind the cave art. Some still believe they were being decorative, and some of them might have been, but we don’t really know. We wonder where the idea first started, this form of ‘art. I think that someone wanted to express their feelings by showing it to others and they started drawing it out. They didn’t have any other ores urges, so they just used the walls of the cave. This grew into a common system throughout the people, and eventually it grew towards the art we have today.
It may not seem like it, but it’s true. Everything has a base, and cave nettings were the base to the art we have today. That’s why I think they are so important and people should really learn more about them, It was a magnificent accomplishment, in my opinion. It provided a way to show telling. This also contributes to the purpose of the cave art, Novo that people could show their feelings, I think they gained more confidence in themselves. After a good hunt, they might have created a drawing on the wall so that everyone could see their success.
That was a big factories their confidence levels because they were able to actually show people their successes and be admired for them. What feelings were the people trying to portray? I think that survival was one of the main things the people expressed, because that was their life. Their life Vass characterized by hunting and animals. This is why there are so many animals in cave paintings, because that was their way Of surviving. “ROR the cave people, art served as life, art and reality were one, and the image was the animal. This quote describes these people very well. Once they discovered art, it become a part of their life and they used it to portray their life, which, like said before, was mostly about animals and hunting. There are some cave paintings that are not animals, though. Some are of the people instead. I think that the paintings were strictly based on what the people were thinking or what they saw. They kept it simple, but it still had so much meaning. Some shamans are said to have used the cave art as a ceremonial resource.
It was a way to make something permanent, by putting it on the wall, One example is when a group of people would show that they agreed with the shaman by putting their handprint on the wall, This helped tremendously with the start of expressing beliefs and opinions, It is also interesting to look at the tools the people used to make these paintings. They did not have many resources back then, so they created their own, We look back at the tools used in the Lascar Cave. There were various byes of tools; engraving tools, pigments, painting tools, and others.
The engraving tools they used were, obviously, rocks and stones. But they used the rocks and stones very creatively. The pigments they used were mostly made up of minerals such as clay and hematite. This did not provide them with many colors, which is why all of the paintings have basically the same color scheme. After a While, the artists of the Lascar started experimenting and created a type of ‘crayons. They did this by adding juices from plants and fat from animals to their pigments. This helped a lot when trying to paint on different textured surfaces throughout the cave.
The artists became even more creative whenever they started using tubes and other things to create different patterns. Bones were also used to help create the paintings by helping making pigments or different shaped tools. Never really know the true meanings behind all of the various cave paintings, but we do have good theories. Survival, ceremonial, expression, and even magical theories have been proposed regarding these early works of art, and no one theory has been 100% proven, but I like the mystery to the paintings.
It makes them more interesting to me, which helps me experience the expressions the artist wanted to portray when they made the paintings. But, it goes without saying; cave art is the base of art today and is very important in the timeline, We can still relate back to cave art today, which means it was important. As Marshall Mclean said, “Ads are the cave art of the 12th century. ” They will always be a crucial part of art history.

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