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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:13
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It was late in the night when I woke up from my bed. I looked out from a window and saw the street in front of my house. There was that boy again wearing the black jeans and dirty white shirt with no shoes. He was standing like a small creature, freezing like ice, and sometimes, walking back and forth likes someone who was confused. Unlike the other nights, I went out from my house and got close to where the boy stood. When I was quite close to him, I saw a boy with that cold face. His body was not so big but I could see the way he looked at me.
I saw the world in itself in those eyes which was starring at me without any words. It seems that his eyes wants to say a lot to me but something was stopping him to let his words come out. So, I went near to him to know about him. Hi, boy. What are you doing around here? Its late at night, I said. He didnt say anything. What he did was just walk back and forth without speaking a single word. I saw you every night in front of my house since last week. Well, if you want anything to eat or something, you can come to my house, I offered him food for I could see how his body was trembling from the snow.
And the way his hands touched his stomach showed how hungry he was. The weather outside was very bad. I even felt that my body was going to be trembling too, so, I went back to my house. When I wanted to open the door of my house, that boy touched my coat. He said something that was that I could barely hear. But I let him in. In that house, I stayed lonely. I was still a young person there, at least, not very young. Now, there was a kid in my house. At that time, I felt that the night was going to be longer than I expected, but, in fact, it wasnt. I gave him a glass of hot milk and a biscuit that my wife made.
I looked at that boy while he was eating those foods. He was so hungry. So, what I did was the right thing I thought. Usually, if the time was 2 oclock, I would probably be sleeping in that beautiful warm bed. My wife was still there sleeping. This night, I felt little bit different. It was because of the kid. Days and days passed. But, my wife never knew that the boy and I were always laughing in the kitchen, even until 3 or 4 in the morning. We ate and sometimes, I told him a fairy tale. Once my wife was awake and she said, Sudeep, I hear you talking with someone. Who is that?
I never cared for what my wife said. She kept saying that she couldnt see the kid. And I kept saying that the kid was there with me. I thought that the kid was afraid of seeing my wife. After one night, he never showed up again. That kid was never seen again. As far I know that kid was not normal as we are. That kid was more like messenger to me which was sent by god. I didnt know. That happened after my wife got pregnant. And I finally realized that kid which I used to talk and laugh was gift sent by god as my new born baby. It is miracle. So that kid was not normal as I thought.
His activities were really missed by me for long period like coming to my house, having good food various talks and laughs we did. Whatever we did my wife never knew it. As time passes my wife gave a birth to boy baby and it really amazed me that he looks same like a boy that I met in the street and brought to my home. This really compel me think that the boy that I met was sent by god as a messenger and gift of life. My son grew up all his activities seem like the boy that I had met before. All his actions, laugh way of talking, way of behaving, and way of eating were similar with the boy.
His face was exactly the same as the face of the boy who had come to my house in that wonderful night. He said, Thank you, dad He always said those three words. Every time he wanted to sleep, he said those words again. I asked him why he said that words again and again every night before he went to bed. My boy said, You were always there when I needed you. There was only a guess in my mind and I dont know why he said that. I felt happy for what my boy said. But, things were different when I tried to think of it. A five year-old boy would never say that unless he was taught to do so.
I wondered about weird things, so I took a walk around my street. Suddenly, after I passed five blocks, I saw a picture stuck on the wall of a house and something written on it. Vishnu, 5 years old, was found dead in this street because of an accident. this made my tears rolled run? Down. My mind brought me back to that boy and I never realized how weird life was and would be. Finally, my father pours the bucket of the water on me. It was almost half past twelve and, as usual, I missed school and then I realized that it was just a dream . This is how I came out of the dream? And, as always, I was scolded by my father for a long time.

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