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Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:32
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Laurence Poetry Unit Test Review Mrs.. Art is going to attempt to determine how well we know the poetry terms by applying them. She is going to give us examples, rather than just have us write the definition. The questions asked first are the easiest and they gradually get harder ALWAYS CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER Of the directions say BEST than there ;s normally two right answers, but you should always choose the best) Types of questions: Questions on dramatic situation
Who is speaking? Where Is she? To whom Is the poem addressed? Who is the speaker in lines 5- 8? Where does the poem take place? At what time of the year does the poem take place? Questions on structure How are stanza’s one and two released to stanza 3 What word in line 20 refers back to an idea used in lines 5, 10, 15? Which of the following divisions best represents the poems structure? Questions on themes Which of the following best sums uh the meaning in stanza 2
With which of the following is the poem centrally concerned? Questions on grammar and meaning of words Look carefully at the context The obvious meaning of the word Is most likely not the one the poem uses Questions on Images and figurative language To which of the following does the author compare his love? Questions on diction Which of the following Is used to suggest the poet’s dislike? The poet’s use of the word “air” In line 8 Is to Indicate…
The poet’s delight In the garden Is suggested by all of the following words except… Questions on tone and literary devices The tone of the poem (or stanza) can best be described as… Examples from the poem “On the Sonnet” The “we” (“us”) of the poem refers to… Literary critics Misers Readers of poetry The Muses English Poets The metaphor used in the first line of the poem compares English to… Carefully guarded treasure Andromeda A bound creature.

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