Poems from other cultures and Traditions: Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:58
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Imtiaz Dharker who now lives in India, Bombay, wrote Blessing. The poet describes the land cracking open because it is so dry because of temperature. The poet makes us imagine the echo of dripping water into a tin mug. Then the poet goes on to describe a scene in a village or in a street where there is a small community where water is scares. A water pipe bursts and suddenly there is water rushing out of the pipe. All of a sudden there is a mass of people collecting water in all types of containers big and small. Water is precious and cannot be allowed to just run away. The children run around in the water playing and very joyful of this silver liquid.
Blessing is a metaphor for water. She believes that water is a gift from God and with out this element life is not possible. She describes the water dripping into a tin mug and she believes that a friendly God gave the water to them. In verse three there is an emphasis on the idea of water belong treasured, such as fortune, silver and the fact that everyone ruches to collect it and that it can’t be allowed to escape. In the poem the people rushes to collect the water a congregation. This is associated with people in a church, attending a religious service. This continues the idea of religious imagery of water is a gift from God, and that it it something holy.
In the poem light is used at the end of the poem. It is used to portray happiness of the moment and the wet children playing in the sun just having a good time. Also it continues the religious idea when angels bring good news they are accompanied by bright lights. The light also contrasts the hard dryness of the beginning.
“The skin cracks like a pod”
The poet is describing the earth cracking like a pod cracks open. The poet describes the water as silver. This gives a visual image of water shining in the sun and sge describes as treasure. The sound of a roar fo tongues, pictures the noise of the water a sit is comes out.
The poet describes the liquid sun, she is describing the liquid sun is the idea of the sun reflected off the flowing water. The children are wet and shine as if polished.
The poet includes three alliterations the first is small splash, these are two short words with the liquid s sound and it suggests the little sound of water dripping.
The second is the sudden rush, again the liquid s-longer words or groups of sound this time, and it suggests the torrent of water.
The third is the flow has found 0 again suggests the movement of water- smooth F sound.
Another alliteration is the hard P sound, polished to perfection this suggests brightness.
This is one of the most enjoyable poems I have read because of the imagery and the sounds of imagery that are portrayed in the poem.

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