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Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:51
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When people watch a movie or an advertisement, they are persuaded to feel an emotion. An example could be, fearing for their lives or feeling like a product is so wonderful, that it has to be bought. Movie producers use the same type of personation to get their viewers to feel emotions throughout their film. When watching the motion picture, Stardust, the characters are influenced to find their own way, realize their true love, and take risks. The movie Stardust is a 2007 motion picture about a young teenager in love, searching for a fallen star to give in his true love.
While he attempts his quest, foreign princes are fighting to the death for a necklace to claim a magical kingdom. To make matters worse, three witches also desire the fallen star, to claim youth and beauty. Each crosses each others journeys and conflicts arise. One idea the director was trying to project is being who you really are can be hard. Choosing your own way may be difficult, just like the pirate captain who tried to hide the fact that he liked to dress up as a lady. Only when something big happens, a person can truly come out.
When his crew finally saw who he really was, they accepted him. In that sense, the director might have made that scene to show that if you really care about a person, they will accept you for being who you really are. Another idea the director was trying to justify, is realizing your true love may not be standing in front of you. The main protagonist, Tristan, would do anything for love like a normal person would, but he goes too far in proving it. The meaning behind Tristan doing anything for love may be, that love is blind.
Traveling, waiting, and searching are possibly not the right way to find love. Even though, in the end, Tristan does realize whom he really loves, his journey is long, like most people. An additional hidden persuasion, the director used is perhaps the way he made all characters take risks that they wouldnt normally take. As doing so, each one gained the confidence they needed to survive the magical journey. In real life, many are afraid to take risks, because of the outcome it might bring. Although in Stardust, the director made even the hardest risk seem like taking a little step.
Even though this motion picture takes part in a magical land, the director wants to make sure you believe in magic before the movie ends. Magic, that includes, witches, fallen stars, and true love. Everything is laid out according to the directors plans. Persuasion is hidden between the cracks of the movie. Normally when people go out to watch movies, they dont realize that, that movie influenced them in some way. Just remember that the next time you watch something; how is this influencing me in someway?

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