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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:56
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A personal SWOT analysis is a tried and proven self-evaluation strategy used to identify personal inner weaknesses and strength and external opportunities and threats. It is mostly undertaken by the students who are in search of a new job, or those who are looking to climb the corporate ladder, an individual SWOT analysis help one to achieve their set goals.
Before graduating, there is a possibility that a student will be asked to come up with a free personal SWOT analysis essay. In which, tutors require the student to develop a creative self-assessment scheme that will help you to determine where “my career” as an individual stands and, where it could move to. These are some of the reasons why the SWOT Analysis is recommended;

It helps people to make the right decision when exploring new opportunities
It helps individuals to discover new ways of solving problems
It assists an individual to make new choices and get directions once they face threats that come with new planning
It allows someone to make the required changes as per the possibilities and priorities defined by weaknesses and strengths
It helps them to keep a space along the way for modification in their work plan in case there will be any for a successful accomplishment of your undertaking.

When given an assignment where you are asked to write an essay on Personal SWOT Analysis, these are some of the things you need to tackle;
In this section, you need to list down all “my strength” and “my ability” required to be creative and innovative while still having an open and clear mind. Those three parts will help you to get a clear and effective way of how an individual will be effective in their environment and to those around them. Having a clear mind is an extremely effective way to adapt to new situations or the environment. In the world that is constantly changing, adaptation is an essential ability that will help a person to be creative and innovative.
In addition, when evaluating my personal strengths, you need to include some things such as;

The advantages someone has and others don’t; for examples, you can ask yourself “could it be my education level, my connections or skills be limiting me.”
Personal resources you can access
What you do better than anyone else
What other people think of you as your strength
Some of your earlier achievements you are proud off
If you do have a connection with influential people
The values you believe in and others don’t exhibit

Through your perspective and other people’s point of view, you will be able to come up with comprehensive information about strengths that can be of great benefit to your growth.
Identifying my personal flaws will be the second focus. You need to have knowledge on how to improve on weaknesses; first, you have to identify all of them. In any competitive environment, weaknesses are inevitable. They are the drawbacks that hinder an organization or an individual to execute strategies while pursuing their mission. Anything that holds someone back from competing with other is a weakness. They are positive skills possessed by competitors even though they may not be harmful to anyone.
Some of the things you need to evaluate include;

Thoughts of the peoples surrounding me concerning my weaknesses
The tasks you may be avoiding since you aren’t comfortable handling them
Some negative personal traits and work habits
What you lack in your skills, training, and education
Analyze all the areas you feel they need to improve in
Write what you find hard to encounter
Identify various weaknesses that are difficult to overcome
My education level which could be a hindrance to greater opportunities.

When it comes to dealing with flaws, you need to be truthful when answering questions since they are self-assessment that only you can know. They are your stepping stone to the future enhancement.
In many instances, opportunities come in different forms. Some may pass even without noticing them, thus, here are some of the things you need to consider when writing an analysis of opportunities;

How the new technology be of help to your field of specialization
Some of the ways you can benefit from the current market
Highlight some of the upcoming projects in an organization and how they can be beneficial to your career
Ask yourself If acquiring more skills or working on my education will be of any benefit to bettering myself
Find out if you do have a social networking connection or whether you do have a great connection with colleagues and friends where you can get some help

In this part, you need to consider any threat that can hinder your progress. Consider all the things that can cause failure. Once you have highlighted the risks and the threats involved in the planning, you will be in a position to set up a backup plan or a plan B to prevent failure. These are some of the ways to identify threats;

All the obstacles that hinder you from reaching your target, it could be in your personal life or at work
If some of your traits are hindering your overall growth
If the new technology is a threat to your growth
If you are ready to face any upcoming challenges
If the industry is changing in a way that might affect your current and future growth
Highlight some of the obstacles that hinder you from achieving your targets
Find out if there is any need for you to learn the new technologies

The easiest way to eliminate threats is to do away with negative personality characters. If necessary, you can suggest the need of getting professional help, for example, if you find out there is an issue with time management, you can propose getting some help from a productivity coach.
With A SWOT analysis, as highlighted in the introduction section, you can focus on how to make better use of your strengths, manage your weaknesses, and discover more opportunities in order to grow as well as eliminating threats that could be a hindrance to your progress. To write a comprehensive and readable topic on “my personal SWOT analysis essay,” you need to be detailed since it is an important exercise that can be of great help to an individual. Have in mind that, it is one of the effective self-assessment plan, which helps a person to be successful and have a clear view of their career and personal growth in our today’s competitive world.

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