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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:14
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3-1-04 EnglishResearch PaperPearl Bailey was born in March Twenty-ninth Nineteen Eighteen in Newport News, Virginia to the minister of a church known as the Holy Roller. Pearl Bailey never had the professional training to be a singer or any other necessary classes or teachers to become professional, yet against all odds Pearl Bailey still became famous during the Harlem Renaissance. Pearl Bailey received most of her singing education due to the fact that her father was the minister of an evangelical church and she picked up singing from her fathers church.
Pearl bailey knew by the age of fifteen that her love was music and that she did not need any other kind of educational anymore. Pearl Bailey dropped out of her high school in Philadelphia at the age of fifteen to travel to nightclubs and perform with well-known bands such as bands led by Cootie Williams and Count Basie. Cootie Williams was a self-taught trumpeter that became extremely good at improvising and interpreting on his trumpet. He not only had led a band but also was a part of Duke Ellingtons band where he replaced Bubbler Miley.
Cootie (Charles) Williams led his band for a couple of years in the Nineteen Forties, his band was a rhythm and blues band. Count Basie started his band in Kansas City where he was born. He did not leave or go anywhere to find the talent that he needed to have possibly one of the best jazz bands in history, according to some jazz critics. After being compared to Duke Ellington over the radio the band was headed on a career in Chicago. Pearl Bailey not only sang for great bandleaders such as Cootie Williams and Count Basie but also sang in nightclubs and cafes as she steadily worked her way up the entertainment ladder.
Pearl Bailey soon made it onto Broadway and from Nineteen Sixty-seven to Nineteen Sixty-nine, Pearl starred in one of her greatest roles in the all-black production of Hello Dolly (womenshistory. about. com), she also played the role in a later revival. Pearl Bailey was not stopped when she got to Broadway though either, she performed in movies and was on television and also had her own show on ABC.
Pearl Bailey had her own television show from Nineteen seventy to Nineteen seventy-one. Pearl Bailey appeared on the silver screen in such movies as, Variety Girl, Isnt It Romantic?, Porgy and Bess, The Landlord, Tubby for Tuba (chixinflix. com) and many others. Pearl has appeared in films with famous actors such as Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Kurt Russell, Gary Cooper and many more.
Pearl Bailey was not only well known as a singer but also was well-known for being an actress, in Broadway, on television and on the silver screen. Although education may have seemed not on the top on Pearls list at the age of fifteen, pearl still returned back to school and went to Georgetown to receive her bachelors degree at the age of Sixty-seven. Pearl received her bachelors degree in the field of theology. Pearl Bailey may not have seemed intelligent to some, yet Pearl Bailey published four books on cooking, her life and educational experiences. She published her books in Nineteen Sixty-eight, Nineteen Seventy-one, Nineteen Seventy-three and the last book in Nineteen Eighty-nine.
Not only did Pearl Bailey publish these four books, but she became a special ambassador to the United Nations in Nineteen Seventy-five and in Nineteen Eighty-eight receiver the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Pearl Bailey accomplished a lot in her life for being a high school drop out at the age of fifteen. Although she was a drop out she was still on Broadway, on television and in movies. Pearl was married three times, received her bachelors degree in theology, was an ambassador for the United Nations and Published for books outside of her entertainment career which was phenomenal to say the least. Pearl Bailey died August Seventeenth Nineteen Ninety.

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