Spanish Influence on Filipino Visual Arts Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:15
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They were commissioned in 1786 by a Spanish botanist to paint the flora and fauna in the country. The earliest known historical paintings in the Philippines was a mural at the Palace Real in Intramural entitle “The Conquest of the Battles” dine in 1783 which was destroyed during the 1863 Earthquake. Secular subject matter in painting increased tin the 19th century, with more tourists, illustrates and foreigners demanding souvenirs and decorations from the country, Fernando Amarillo avgas officially the first National Artist of the Philippines.
He was given the distinction of National Artist for Painting in 1972. Several Filipino painters had the chance to study and work abroad. Among them were Juan Novice Lunar and Felix Resurrection Hidalgo Who became the first International Artists when they won the gold an silver medals in the 1884 Madrid Exposition. Ulna’s Academic Painting “CAPILLARIES” won gold medal It showed the dead and dying Roman Gladiators being dragged into the basement of allusion to Imperial Spain’s oppression of the natives.
Though Winning the gold medal, Lunar was not warded the Medal of Excellence, the top award for the competition, because he was a Filipino. The King of Spain, commissioned lunar to paint “The Battle at Elephant” In the same competition, Felix Resurrection Hidalgo won the solver medal for his Virgules Christiana expresses al populace, The feat of Lunar and Hidalgo caught the attention of Dry. Jose Racial, the Philippines National Hero, that in a gathering of Filipinos in Madrid, he gave a speech appraising Lunar and Hidalgo for their mastery and nationalism Turn Of the century
In-demand portraitists during the American period (190045) included gabion deal Rosa, Miguel Saratoga (not related to Jesse), Terror Buenaventura, Jorge Pinned and above all, Fernando Amarillo, Whose style would dominate the period, Fernando Amarillo and their family moved from Date, Canaries Norte to Manila when his father died (Pedro Amarillo) to live with a first cousin, painter Fabian De la Rosa. To raise money, young Amoral-solo sold watercolors postcards to a bookstore, 10 cents a piece. He was awarded honorable mention in drawing and painting in Lice De Manila,
Rice planting – Amarillo’5 first important painting and one of the most popular images of the Commonwealth period. Amarillo designed the logo for Ginsberg San Miguel (Marking demon) depicting SST. Michael vanquishing the devil. Fruit Gatherer, 1950 Princess Urdu Inn at knack Bombing of Antecedence 1942 Defense.

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