Oil Paintings in Romanticism and Cubism Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:46
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Since they were in revolt against the orders, they favored the revival of potentially unlimited number of styles (anything that aroused them). Romantic artists were fascinated by the nature, the genius, their passions and inner struggles, their moods, mental potentials, the heroes. They investigated human nature and personality, the folk culture, the national and ethnic origins, the medieval era, the exotic, the remote, the mysterious, the occult, the diseased, and even satanic. During Cubism, artists tried to create a new way of seeing things in art compared to art during Romanticism times.
Paintings in Cubism is more detailed. Many of their subjects, be they people or landscapes, were represented as combinations of basic geometric shapes – sometimes showing multiple viewpoints of a particular image, This approach was related more to the way we see images in our minds- eye rather than in real life, that is if we close our eyes and try to see an image, perhaps of a friend or a family member, it is often hard to visualize the whole image. We usually see parts or fractured pieces. In Cubism, paintings are therefore often described as looking like pieces of fractured glass.
An Oil Painting by John Constable during Romanticism times John Constable was an artist during the Romanticism times. He painted an oil painting called The Study Of Clouds. The painting is a creation centering around Hempstead Heath. The painting itself may leave you wondering what kind of formation you’re looking at. Seen one way, this cloud mass declares a distinct shapeliness. It has a linear structure. Within its clumsiness, you can discern an arrangement of straight lines, diagonals and parallels and intersections and enclosures. It’s formed like a graphic symbol or a Chinese pictogram.
It could be drawn out in bold, simple marks. The picture depicts a cloud formation over Hempstead, As the picture show clouds, it is very difficult to see any kind of positive at first. But if viewing closer, you will notice that some of the clouds are a little higher than others. This is shown by lower clouds underneath the higher clouds in the sky. Another important thing in this picture is the light and the way it hits the trees and clouds. This gives off a glow and shows just how beautiful nature can be. The upper left and the lower right corners tooth oil minting, are darker than the rest of the painting.
It gives a border around the painting, but does not continue all the way around This gives a very good contrast between the dark clouds and the slightly lighter clouds, The Metropolitan Museum of Art http://’. NNW. Mutest. Org/OTOH/works-of-art/egg 400. 26 Picasso Queering Cubism Oil Painting The first reaction I have to Queering is destruction. I think Off lot Of lost souls. It isn’t easy to describe this image but it has some characteristics very easily understood. The entire painting is dark With cool colors and really no sign Of armor.
There are scattered distorted figures not exactly looking like humans but many figures taking the human form with faces and apparent disarray. The piece is representational and has asymmetrical balance. The visual elements are used very efficiently in respect to lines and color. The curvature along with the use of lines helps create the chaotic feeling produced even in the midst of such cool and slow colors. There is a lot of overlapping figures and not much space between any, but the shading around helps create the feeling of space.

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