Oil Painting and Sydney Tram Line Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:17
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John Barrack The painting is called ‘Collins Street maenad was painted in 1955. It is an oil painting on canvas, sized 114. 6 x 162. 9 CM Collins Street Spin, 1955, Oil on canvas, Collins Street pm, 1355, oil on canvas, 114. Xx. CM John Barrack has used dull mainly consisting Of black, brown and dirt yellow color. He has used a very limited palette of colors. There was lots of repetition used in this painting: The people in the middle, the hats Of the people in the front the curved top windows and the rectangles. The picture also lots of space between the front and the back. The structure of the painting is very orderly and even.
The painting was painted very thinly and carefully and outlined and clear. John Barrack has used lots of straight and simple lines. He used shapes like rectangles and squares, the repetition of the arch windows and the straight trunk of the tree. When John Barrack thought that the routine of the people from 9-5 on Collins Street was going to be boring but he saw people rushing to catch the train or tram after work. He wanted to show the idea of boringness in his painting and he showed it by the calmness of the people and the dull color used, Beeline Same The painting is called “Sydney tram line’ and was created in 1936.
It sis print sized 24. 4 x 181) CM. Sydney tram line, 1936, Print, 24. 4 x 18. 0 CM Sydney tram line, 1336, Print, 24. 4 x 18. 0 CM Beeline Same used linocuts and printed it in color from 3 blocks: vermilion, Virginian and burnt umber. These colors are very plain and fill every block with the same color With no changes. Beeline Same used lots Possible lines like in the houses, trees, and road. This was simple like his colors. This make the picture look simple and clear. The print was just a cityscape of trams and cars on New South Head Road in Double Bay at Sydney. Oil Painting and Sydney Tram Line By leverage 123

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