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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:12
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David OcampoHonor English IV2/21/02The Use of Sound in Shakespeares Sonnetsby Barbara Herrnstein Smith This article argues that Shakespeare’s use of the meter, or general structure of sounds, in his poetry is as significant to his style as his metaphors, figurative language, and images. Shakespeare used developed techniques, however, he executed them more effectively. Shakespeare was able to execute the iambic to sound natural, similar to natural speech, rather than artificial and mechanical, as it usually sounds. Shakespeare was also able to manipulate words to create musical sounds with combinations and repetitions of vowel and consonant sounds. The article states that Shakespeare was able to master the musical potentialities of the language.
This was perfectly executed through his use of complex distributions of phonetic elements, and operating with the internal rhythm, producing the true harmony of well-tuned sounds. Also, Shakespeare was able to manipulate the iambic meter to sound similar to natural speech. Traditional iambic meter poetry has a tendency to sound artificial and mechanical. However, Shakespeare was skillful enough to dominate the techniques of English poetry and, thus, was able to avoid the distorted natural emphasis of speech and evaded the mechanical regularity of thumping in such poetry.
TIPS FOR WRITING YOUR REPORT?Plan the report. Select an idea or topic for your report. Gather information for your report. Identify the information you want to include in your report. Remember you should have at least three ways to support the main idea of your report.
Include details and specific information that will help you make your point. Write a draft. Review what you have written. Try reading the report out loud.
It can help you catch mistakes. Check spelling and punctuation. Each sentence should begin with a capital letter and end with a period, question mark, or exclamation mark. Create the final report. ?Add interest.
Use graphs and charts to illustrate an idea. Include a picture, photo, drawing, or map. Find a quotation, and use it to make your point. ?Make every word count. Choose words your reader will understand. Remember you want to communicate your idea to the person reading your report.Avoid clichs.Use a thesaurus to replace overworked words and find new ways to express your ideas.Words/ Pages : 359 / 24

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