The New Book of Knowledge (set) Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:13
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Complete Set 1952 Book of Knowledge – The Children’s Encyclopedia (That Leads to Love of Learning). 20 Volumes in 10 Leather Hardcover Books. Plus ‘School-Subject Guide’ and ‘Graded Courses of Study’ books keyed to the 1952 Book of Knowledge, ‘Master Keys to Understanding the Book of Knowledge’ guide to using the Index contained in last bound volume, and ‘Character Education Guide to the Book of Knowledge’ also keyed to the 1952 Edition printing. Rare complete set with ancillary guides
A twenty-volume edition illustrated with maps, pictograms, and photographs in color and black and white. Entries are written on a range of reading levels and are the work of qualified specialists. Every volume is separately indexed with cross references to pertinent information found in the other volumes.
I had a somewhat earlier version of this encyclopedia and I loved it. It was my first encyclopedia and Grolier did a wonderful job making hundreds of subjects more accessible to school aged students. I would pour over the maps and artist plates especially for hours. I particularly remember one colorful plate of the birds of paradise from New Guinea. This set opened a window into exotic and foreign lands and sparked an interest in natural history and geography that continues to this day 50 years later. Later in high school I started reading more “mature” encyclopedias like the World Book, which was strong on history and especially U.S. history, and of course the Britannica, which was stronger on the science, but it all started here.
I purchased a set of these in ’01 for our little homeschool. My son and I spent many delightful hours reading them to each other on sultry Hawaiian afternoons. I wish I had something like this as a child. I’m re-reading them again now that I’m an empty-nester.

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