Nature vs. Culture in Odyssey Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:48
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The imagination of nature and civilization connects every scene from Book 9 to Book 12 in Odyssey. On the land of Cyclopes. Odysseus’s brush with the one-eyed barbarian giant unveils Odysseus’s inventiveness as a civilised human being ; Nevertheless. Odysseus finally fails to get the better of the defect of human characteristic. as he tells Polyphemus about his existent mortal individuality when he is sailing off. which finally brings Poseidon’s retaliation to Achaeans. At one point human civilisation Teachs Odysseus the accomplishment of utilizing wooden staff and vino to contend with Polyphemus’s strength. but the nature of world power can easy excel human beings’ wisdom. When Circe in Book 11 turns Odysseus’s work forces into hogs. when the blind prophesier Tiresias foretells Odysseus’s destiny. and when Zeus punishes Odysseus with another storm. Odysseus and his work forces are powerless but accept their fate.
The struggle between nature and civilization connects humans’ universe with gods’ universe. therefore makes every narrative interesting to follow as barbarian animals possess human features and civilised human existences possess “limited” world power. For illustration. in book 10. when Circe turns Odysseus’s work forces into hog. Odysseus can merely overmaster Circe by following Hermes’ direction: “Take this herb. which is one of great virtuousness. and maintain it about you when you go to Circe’s house. it will be a amulet to you against every sort of mischief” ( Book X. 54 ) . When Odysseus “rushed at her with blade drawn” . Odysseus is in a place where he is even able to get the better of the power of an immortal animal.
Both Polyphemus and Circe represent the power of nature. as their universe does non hold any jurisprudence or morality. while odysseus’s journey represents the power of civilization. as the adult male of civilization lickings powerful immortal animals through inventiveness and temperateness.

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